5PC Relief Carver's Set


5PC Relief Carver's Set
Short Bent style is necessary to reach deep into relief carvings

  • 1-10mm Short Bent
  • 2-16mm Short Bent
  • 6-6mm Short Bent
  • 5-8mm Short Bent
  • 10-5mm Short Bent
  • Mallet

Made by Sculpture House USA  or B&B Artigiana ITALYThe steel (Grade 1095C) is high carbon steel, tempered or heat treated to harden the steel so it maintains a sharp edge, will range approx. 59 to 62 hardness. A hand forged with high carbon tool steel, with a hardwood handle (handle shape may vary).

  • Width + or - 1mm.
  • Over all length varies 9"-11"

These tools have a factory ground edge and will need some additional sharpening and or honing before use.