About Us



In 1990, we opened our woodcarving gallery in Estes Park, Colorado. While the gallery had great success, we soon added woodcarving tools, books and supplies, and then a woodcarving school where we would teach and also host nationally recognized instructors.


Wanting to increase our woodcarving knowledge and our carving and teaching skills, we attended the Geisler-Mororder School of Woodcarving In Elibigenalp, Austria. Our intensive classes included instruction on carving and painting in the Austrian style.


Soon after we opened our new location, our mail order catalog and website business began to grow. With the internet becoming more popular, we had found a great way to connect with woodcarvers worldwide. Now we strive to bring you all the best in woodcarving to our website, and we print two catalogs annually, our Mountain Woodcarvers catalog and The Woodburners Catalog. See our history in catalogs.


Which brings us to today, almost 30 years later, while we no longer have a retail store, we offer thousands of products for woodcarving and woodburning through our website, mail order catalog and woodcarving shows. We have the knowledge to get you the right products to make your carving experience fun, enjoyable and productive. HAPPY CARVING!!