Detail Master Conversion Kit

NEW! BURNMASTER® WOOD BURNING PEN, CORD and 10 TIPS. Do you already own a Burnmaster® or Detail Master control box but need a pen, tips, and patch cord? If so, this set includes all you need!

This set includes: The exclusive Burnmaster® Wood Burning Pen. Patch cord to connect the pen to any Burnmaster or Detail Master brand wood burning control box (power supply). Includes the 10-most useful, popular and time-proven shapes. Note: Burnmaster® brand tips are compatible with Burnmaster® wood burning pens and Detail Master version-II replaceable style handpieces (pens). Also, included is a screwdriver for replacing the tips and gender changer to allow the pen connection to a Razertip patch cord.

Pen length, 5-3/8" (135mm). Tip length: 2-1/8" (54mm). Set includes 1-Burnmaster® Pen, Patch Cord, 10-tips, Screwdriver, and Razertip patch cord adapter. 1-Year pen warranty. Burnmaster pens are designed and made in the USA. The set price is a huge saving off individual prices.