Woodburning with Cheryl Dow - Book 2


An award winning artist and teacher, Cheryl Dow has just released her latest book on flat work wildlife pyrography techniques. The cover, shown here, is an example of her outstanding work.

If your wanting to learn how to do flat work pyrography, you can’t find better books on teaching this subject. This newest book is an addition her previous published works, with some new techniques and new patterns.

Ten patterns are included in this book which include: Loon (w/baby), Mouse, Raccoons, Lynx, Chipmunk, Frog, Barn, Heron (cover), Deer, and a Wolf pattern.

Also included is a calligraphy table, showing letters, technique, and flow lines. 

A finished, and flow line pattern are included with each outline pattern. So you can see what it should look like, and which way to burn lines/shading. Each pattern also includes detailed instructions, and any technique not covered in the preface.