Whittling Little Folk - Refsal


A single carving knife and an afternoon is all that is needed to create one of the charming little characters in this book.

With just one carving knife and two simple patterns, you can carve a whole community of characters - like a policeman, hard-hat road worker, monk, baker, professor and football player. Patterns for these delightful folks are included in Whittling Little Folk written by the master of the Scandinavian flat-plane style of carving, Harley Refsal. The whittled little folk are full of personality, and can be made by mastering Refsal's step-by-step instructions for Kristian, the Scandinavian husband donning a work shirt, and his wife, Thea, holding a broom. Once the couple is complete, carvers can use the same techniques to complete 18 additional patterns, with some subtle alterations. Also included is a brief overview of the Scandinavian flat-plane style of carving, as well as instructions for painting each little whittle. Each pattern is presented with 4 perspectives - the front, back and both sides - for a complete 360-degree view of the character. While the projects are easy to complete, and won't take up too much time, they sure don't lack personality. With their rosy cheeks, toothy smiles, humorous outfits and clever names, the little whittles are a caricature carver's dream come true. 128 pages.