MicroPro™ Champion DELUXE SET

MICRO-PROTM CHAMPION DELUXE SET. This complete set includes everything you need to create pro-quality detail! Higher carving speeds give superior carving results, smoother texturing, plus improved detailing, stoning and feathering. The new Micro-Pro Champion features an 11% increase in torque (power). With higher torque and speed up to 46,000 rpm, the Micro-ProTM has the power, speed, superior features and quality you want, priced far less than others! For better control, power flows to the handpiece by a 6’ flexible cord. The dial varies speed from 0 to 46,000 RPM! The control box features dial speed control knob, lighted power indicator, on / off switch, overload protection, 6-burr storage holes, 110/220 Volt selector, forward / reverse switch (directs chips away from you and reduces grain effects).

  •   High-speed (0-46,000 RPM) Detail Carver/Grinder by Mastercarver®.
  •   Instant burr and bit and accessory changes by simply rotating blue turn-ring.
  •   Selectable forward/reverse rotation and; variable speed up to 46,000 RPM.
  •   Dual voltage system: 110Volts/220Volts selector switch.
  •   Accepts 1/8" (3.15mm), 3/32"(2.3mm), and 1/16" (1.6mm) shanks.
  •   1-Year warranty.
  •   Set includes the Champion Set plus On/Off foot pedal, 8- Diamond Burrs, and  3-Collets/Adapters.

The handpiece features high torque, fan-cooled micro motor, sealed NSK (Japan) ball bearings, solid grip turn-ring for hands-free bit changes (1/4 turn releases or locks bits and collets). Handpiece specifications 46,000 rpm: L. 6”, diameter 5/8”-1”, weight: 7.3 oz. The set includes a handpiece, 1/8” (3.18mm) plus 3/32" (2.3mm) and 1/16" (1.6mm) quick-change collet adapters, 8-Piece Diamond Point set (coarse 50-grit, 1/8" shanks), plus the on/off foot pedal variable speed power supply (for hands-free control), tabletop and box mounted handpiece holders, long-life motor brushes, instructions, and 1-year warranty.