Drawknives can make shaping wood easier. However, ordinary drawknives are not ideal for wood carving. "Woodworker" style drawknives are too large and bulky for wood carving. 
It features professional blade specifications. These include a hand-forged blade from a single piece of top-quality American sourced 1095 steel, expert hardening (hardened to Rc 60), and sharpened to a 23° razor-sharp edge. Each drawknife is hand-forged by a skilled blacksmith by traditional hammer and anvil work. This time-consuming process creates a more refined and consistent grain steel structure and adds beneficial carbon. The result is a more rugged blade that stays sharp longer than blades used on ordinary drawknives.

The comfortable olive wood handles are expertly crafted and shaped for proper grip and comfort. Each handle is permanently attached to the end of the forged steel blade tang that runs through the handle and a stainless steel end cap. The end of the blade tang is "peened" to the stainless steel end cap. This design makes it impossible to pull the handle off. The Hand-Forged Drawknife also includes leather blade sheath. Dimensions: Width 12.75" (325mm) , Height 7" (180mm), sharp edge 6", blade thickness 3/16" (5mm). The blade backside (flat side) is ground flat and polished to a mirror finish. The skilled hand processes ensure that each drawknife is unique. Top professional quality to last for generations

Photo shown with and without leather sheath for reference. Drawknives are sold per each. Handle colors may vary.