HAND-FORGED CARVING KNIFE The most useful whittling knife! This is a greatly improved version of the classic #58 style bench knife. What sets this knife apart? Hand-forged from U.S.A. sourced 1095 steel (hardened to Rc 60), a factory sharpened edge (Add sharpening click here), comfortable natural olive wood handle. A hand-forged blade is a big advantage over the standard stamped steel used in cheaper knives. Each hand-forged knife blade is made by the traditional hammer and anvil work of a skilled blacksmith. This process creates a more refined and consistent grain steel structure and adds beneficial carbon. The result is a more rugged blade that stays sharp longer. Additionally, each blade is secured to the wood handle with two stainless steel pins to eliminate any chance of blade wobble. The olive wood handle is shaped and sanded smooth for comfort, the 1.5" (38mm) blade is the perfect shape and size for most whittling cuts. Overall length: 7" (175mm), sharpened edge length 1.5" (38mm).

Handles are beautiful olive wood.

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