Cowboy Carving - Taylor

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Accomplished carver Cleve Taylor brings the hard-working western cowboy to life in basswood. A combination of exacting detail and wry good humor make his carvings unique. Now Cleve shares his carving methods, combining hand and power tools, with you.Follow the detailed and lively instructions presented here to learn his techniques for creating western art. Each step is well illustrated with full color photographs. Once the piece has been carved, Cleve provides detailed instructions for painting and finishing the work.Patterns for four cowboys and a horse are provided. An additional pattern for a unique flexible wooden body pattern used to create a variety of realistic poses is included as well. The gallery provides perspectives of the cowboy carved and additional cowboys to fire the imagination and inspire the intermediate and advanced carver. The detailed instructions will make this book an enjoyable and educational challenge for the beginner as well. 64 pages.