'Drawing with FIRE' Woodburning Pen SET (EXPANSION SET)


Val's 'Burning with Fire' Expansion Set
19m Ball
18M Spear Shader
9M Modified Writing 
17SR Hair/Fur Tip

Images shown are front & side view of pens - 4Pc Set

The Drawing with Fire Optima wood burner additional set are four pens used by Valarie Connell of Drawing with Fire because sometimes you need a different tip. This is a great additional set to go with the Animal & People Portraits base set. These tips can also be used for some lettering.

19M Ball - Valarie uses this tip for stippling, shading, and lettering. This tip also works great for eyes and lips. This is the pen Valarie grabs to sign her artwork.

18M Spear Shader - This pen is great for smooth shading. Works with the oval strokes, pull / drag strokes, and on the edge for thin strokes.

9M Modified Writing Tip - The tip of this pen is smaller than the 19S ball tip. Best for small areas, especially when burning smaller pieces. Can be used for stippling. Valarie uses this tip to start blocking in eyes, lips, and nostrils.

17SR Hair / Fur Tip - This is a skew with the edge of the tip being in a “V” cut, with the point of the tip being the thinnest part of the tip. When holding the pen upright, you will get a thin line. If you shift the tip to the left or right, you will get a tad thicker line. Can be used for hair, fur, whiskers, straight lines, and grasses.

Optima Pen & Tip Combos are made out of extremely durable composite materials that retard heat conduction, with a soft foam cushion grip, tips are permanently attached to conduct heat more evenly and reliably. Made in America.