'Drawing with FIRE' Woodburning Pen SET (Large Dark Shader SET)


Val Connell's  'Burning with Fire' Shader SET
18L- Spear Shader
3B - Round Shader
23XL Spoon Shader
23L - Spoon Shader

Images shown are front & side view of pens - 4Pc Set

The Drawing with Fire Optima wood burner large dark shaders set are the four pens most used by Valarie Connell of Drawing with Fire for medium and large size dark backgrounds and shapes. These pens are the ones she grabs first for all of her dark background pieces. This is a great additional set to go with the Animal & People Portraits base set. The enlarged pens in the photos are the same pens Valarie has been personally, burning with for many years, so they are well loved. Please note that these spear shaders and spoon shaders can be used in multiple different angles.

18L Spear Shader - This is the pen that Valarie starts with for a dark background. Additionally, she uses the edge of this tip for large fur or hair, as well as grasses and branches. The tip flat against the board makes a thicker broad stroke. Great for pull or drag down strokes and oval strokes.

3B Round Shader- Valarie uses this pen as well to fill in a dark background. This pen works best with the pull / drag down stroke. This pen makes a thick wide stroke when flat on the board.

23XL Spoon Shader- The extra-large spoon shader is the 2nd pen Valarie uses after the 18L to fill in a dark background. Works great on large areas such as clothes to blend and smooth. Can also be used on skin and hair for blending and smoothing. Works will the oval strokes and pull / drag down strokes.

23L Spoon Shader- Works great to darken an area, especially between the grain. This is the 3rd pen Valarie uses after the 18L and 23XL to darken a background. Easy to use for blending and smoothing an area. Works will the oval strokes and pull / drag down strokes.