Diamond STONE 600/1200 GRIT 2"X6"^

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COMBO DIAMOND STONE 600/1200 GRIT 2"X6". Sharpening carving tools just got easier! Ordinary stones used for carving tool sharpening, cup with wear, resulting in rounded tips on flat edges (what you don't want). A flat stone is especially critical for sharpening chip carving knives and chisels. These superior stones use real diamond permanently bonded to a stiff steel plate so they cut faster, last longer and never "cup". The diamond grit used on these stones is tough enough to sharpen carbide and any hard tool steel. No fluid is required during use. Use Fine (600 grit) for general use & Super Fine (1,200 grit) for final sharpening to a razor edge. Space-saving combo stones have one grit on each side! Perfect for all knives and tools. No oil is needed. Use with water or dry (store dry). Top quality.
  • SIZE 2X6"
  • COMBO 1200 & 600 GRIT