Caricature Carving


Have fun creating amusing figures with ideas, expert techniques and tips collected in this great reference book of projects from the editors of Woodcarving Illustrated.

Whether the goal is to create a whimsical figure or to brush up on basic carving skills, this assortment of caricature projects is reinforced with plenty of assuring guidance-and abundant laughs. In this collection of the best caricature carving projects from the pages of Woodcarving Illustrated, a panel of experts, including Peter Ortel, Pete LeClair, Dave Sabol, and Mike Shipley, unload a wealth of carving knowledge. A useful and comprehensive reference, beginners and experienced carvers alike will discover patterns, tips, and techniques among an assortment of inspiring projects. Carvers are offered a variety of satisfying caricature projects, from hillbillies, hobos, and hombres to cowboys, cork stoppers, and keystone cops. Comical thematic pieces such as "Duck Tonight," "Catch and Release?," and "Kickin' up the Chips" are also included. Building confidence is foremost in this collection, and step-by-step instructions for each project assure success with every effort. Additional articles on finishing techniques help carvers complete each new project. 144 pages.