Burnmaster Shader Tip SMALL

NEW!!! Burnmaster® Small Spoon Shader tip. This is a mini version of the standard H30M Spoon Shader tip. The Small Spoon Shader tip is ideal for smaller shading and better shading control. All Burnmaster® replaceable style wood burning tips feature several important benefits. The design specifications were developed with feedback from leading wood burning (Pyrography) professionals and instructors. Each tip is carefully shaped from superior alloy tip wire and features precision made copper contacts for superior electrical conductivity. Note: Burnmaster® brand tips are compatible with Burnmaster® wood burning pens and Detail Master version-II replaceable style handpieces (pens). Approximate overall length: 2-1/8" (54mm). The spoon size is approximately 4.5mm (3/16") wide x 6mm (1/4") long.
Some suggested uses: controlled shading and line work (using the edge)

Note: Multiple views are pictured; tip sold individually.