Gourd Cleaner Mushroom - 1.50" dia. MEDIUM*


Mushroom cleaner - shaped like a mushroom but with holes for ventilation of debris and dust - ideal for smoothing, cleaning inside gourds as well as all woods -  grit cuts fast and effective without clogging – can be used in a flexible shaft type motor or a hand drill. Carbide grit is vacuum bonded under extreme heat for durability.

We offer 3 size holders with ¼” shaft – 2 ½”, 5”, 9”

Make sure they are secured well in their holder and used at safe operating speeds for best results

Note: ALWAYS WEAR A FACE MASK when cleaning gourds. Gourd dust can cause irritation. If you are extremely sensitive, please use a professional face mask with respirator. If you have any history of respiratory issues, please seek the advice of a physician before using this product.