Swiss Chip Carving Knife Set


SWISS CHIP CARVING KNIVES Made in a small Swiss city where the caring craftsmen of Klotzli have made quality knives since 1846. These classic knife styles were originally developed decades ago in Switzerland by the father of modern chip carving, Christian Rubi. Later these were used & featured by Wayne Barton in his book Chip Carving Techniques & Patterns. Still recognized world wide as the best, these knives are all you need to create any chip carving. The Cutting knife is used for all cutting, the Stab knife is a non-cutting knife, it is pushed or "stabbed" into the wood, separating wood fibers to form or enhance a design created by the cutting knives. Best quality Swiss steel & cherry wood handles. Pre-sharpened, however additional sharpening & stropping improves performance. Length:5-3/8". Made in Switzerland.

  • 4031 Chip Knife
  • 4040 Chip Knife Small
  • 4032 Stab Knife