Gourd Cleaner Balls - 1.25" dia. Fine Long Shank

Gourd Cleaner Balls - 1.25" Fine Long Shank 11"
The Easy Cleaner Ball has a durable, gravel-like surface that removes even the most stubborn dried gourd pulp in seconds flat! 
Never before has cleaning the inside of your gourds been so fast and easy. Simply attach the ball to your electric hand drill and the spinning action of the drill does all the work! All balls have 5/16" shanks to fit standard 3/8" drills.  Operate at a max speed of 1000 rpm or lower. Because the Easy Cleaner Ball is round, it forms to the curve of the gourd.

Note: ALWAYS WEAR A FACE MASK when cleaning gourds. Gourd dust can cause irritation. If you are extremely sensitive, please use a professional face mask with respirator. If you have any history of respiratory issues, please seek the advice of a physician before using this product.