Fili-Point Bur 3/32"" shank

Called the"Fili-Point" Burr because it is designed specifically for creating micro-filigree and large filigree. It is also strong enough to cut through  thick shelled gourds, so you can make intricate cuts, and your own gourd cut-outs!

The Fili-Point burr has a grit coarse enough to cut through thick shells with ease, yet fine enough to leave a nice, smooth finish on the cut line!

The "Fili-Point" Burr is made with the highest quality industrial grade diamonds. Unlike standard diamond burrs, the "Fili-Point" burr is made with a double coating of jagged cut diamonds. This makes them more durable and longer-lasting than standard diamond burrs.

The 3/32" shank Fili-Point burr is compatible with MasterCarvers, Foredoms, and most major power carvers.  If you notice your burr turning black, it often just needs to be cleaned.