Reciprocating Handpiece with 5 Chisel/Gouges

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RECIPRO-CARVER PRO HANDPIECE Simply snap onto the end of your flex-shaft to convert your flex-shaft rotary machine into a superior, reciprocating carver! Note: no tools are needed to replace handpieces. Compatable with all current Mastercarver®, Foredom and Pfingst machines plus all others that use the industry standard quick detach fitting. Selection includes 3/8" shallow gouge, 3/8" deep gouge, 1/8" chisel, 5/16" chisel and 1/4" V tool. 

8000 RPM max

Manufacturer notes:
Use tips for RECIPRO-CARVERTM PRO HANDPIECE 1. Attach reciprocating carver by simply snapping it on to the end of your flexible shaft machine like a rotary handpiece (see your Flex-shaft machine documents for details). 2. Loosen the end nut on the front end of the handpiece. Next place one of the blades into the front of end of the handpiece and tighten the end nut. 3. If your flex-shaft machine has a direction switch, set it to Forward. 4. Start the motor at a slow speed (i.e. less than 6,000 rpm). 5. Push the blade against the wood that you wish to carve (it will not reciprocate unless pressed against the wood). Notes: Do not exceed 8000 RPMs. Excessive speed causes premature tool wear. Use the slowest effective speed (faster is not necessarily better). The blades must be sharp enough to carve with the motor turned off. If a blade gets dull, sharpen it as you would any hand wood carving tool.