Christmas Book TRIO

3 of our Favorite Books
Santa Claus Ornaments Featuring World Costumes - Learn to carve a folk style Santa ornament wearing a patriotic costume of the USA. These flat ornaments are easy to carve and make great gifts for your fiends and family. In addition, to the step-by-step instructions for carving and painting the USA Santa, the book also includes patterns and photos for Santas in costumes from Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia (Viking and Tomte), Holland, Russia, and Mexico.
Traditional Christmas Ornaments -
Patterns for woodburning, painting and incise carving 23 different Christmas ornaments including Toy Soldier, Gingerbread Girl & Boy, Rudolf the Reindeer, Penguin and more!
Wooden Egg Art -Two holidays in one book!  Using wooden birch eggs split and whole, you can create wonderful Christmas ornaments or wooden Easter eggs that will last a lifetime!