Optima DUAL Port Woodburning Kit


NEW!!! Optima 1 DUAL Port Kit gives precision temperature control, with a very wide range of heat. It is especially good at holding steady temperatures at the cooler settings which is great for detail work or shading. Easily reset the burn low-end adjustment. Dual port allows you to quickly toggle back and forth between pen/tip combo which will make your burning sessions quicker and easier. Includes two HEAVY DUTY pen cords 16 gauge, so comfortable you'll hardly even know it is there! Comes complete with the most popular tips pre-sharpened & polished (#12 small rounded skew), great for straight and curved lines and (#18 Spear shader) the flatwork shader. permanently mounted into Optima’s heavy duty style pens with foam comfort grip. Made in America

Kit includes:

  • DUAL Port Burner with 16 gauge HD pen cords
  • #12 Rounded Skew Tip/Pen
  • #18 Spear Shader Tip/Pen