Woodburning with Cheryl Dow - Book 5


Cheryl's latest is a pattern book with 40 unique illustrations, 19 of which are shown in full color.  If you've been looking  for some of Cheryl's best patterns, here they are.  There are no instructions or flow-line patterns in this book, just patterns, as it is meant for the accomplished pyrographer.

Color Patterns include: Mama and Baby Mallards (shown here on cover), Lion Head, Panda Head, FROG (on a cattail), Butterfly & Turtle, Farmyard Scene, Peekaboo Fox and Rabbit, Pelican on Pier Logs, Fish Scene, Mama Gator and babies hitching a ride, Elephant and Baby out for a stroll, Cat with Yard, The Small Mill, Zebras having after dinner drinks, Owl Feather and his Son (Native American), The Small Covered Bridge, Outhouse Hound, Fighting Cock Pheasants, and Rancher and his Dog.

Black & White Patters:  Dragon Castle, Charging Eagle, Undersea Scene, Winter Barn Scene, Mama and Baby Bears, Hummingbird (drinking from flowers), Horse and Colt, Two Owls, Bob Cat, Owl Head, Eagle Head, Frog and Mushrooms, Two Pelicans, Bethlehem Angel Scene, Buffalo, Horse and Colt Running, Chickadees, Mad Bluebird, Teddy bear & Cat, Sweet Lamb of God, Bear and Wolf heads.