Woodburning Fan-Extended Hood


Comes with (2) Extra Filters

Similar to the Woodburning Buddy Fan
Woodburning FAN is a must have tool for every pyrographer! With a simple flip of a switch, the WoodBurning Fan powerful yet near silent fan will take in the smoke and fumes caused by woodburning and pass it through a activated-carbon filter giving you clean and breathable air! Perfect for people who are extra sensitive to environmental irritants, or who may get watery eyes from woodburning smoke.

Its small portable, design makes it ideal to use on any work bench or table top. Great if you do your gourd crafting in smaller work areas with limited ventilation.  Woodburning FAN is built with extra high quality materials to make it more rugged and longer-lasting, and it's new intake design draws in more smoke.

 WoodBurning FAN runs off of 120V Power. Plug it in to your home or workshop outlet and you're ready to go!

Easy to Use
With the flip of a switch, your Woodburning FAN is ready to eat your smoke!

Powerful Fan 
The Woodburning FAN has a powerful fan that sucks in the smoke and pushes clean air out the back of the unit.

Replace Filters Quickly and Easily 
The activated carbon filters are designed to last up to 30 days of continuous (8 hours/day) use. When it's time to replace them, just snap out the front grill, remove the old filter and replace it with a new one, snap the front grill shut and you're ready to go!

Fully Adjustable 
The Woodburning FAN can be adjusted to fit your personal work space so that it will suck up the maximum amount of smoke. A convenient wheel loosens to allow you to adjust the angle of your Woodburning FAN. Tilt the unit to your liking, then simply tighten the adjustment wheels (one on each side) to lock the Woodburning FAN in place.

Lightweight and Portable 
The Woodburning FAN is lightweight and compact with a small footprint so it won't take up much space on your work surface. It's also portable so you can bring it with you!  9.5" Wide x 6.5" Deep x 11" Tall   3lbs

Non-Slip Feet 
The Woodburning FAN comes with non-slip rubber feet so it will stay where you put it and won't slide off your work surface even if you happen to bump into it while you work.