Wet/Dry Micron Sandpaper Assortment


3Ms polishing paper is a soft cloth-like material for use on any contoured surface with or without water. Abrasive grit is on darker or more intensely colored side of sheets. Working in sequence from the most coarse to the finest sheet brings the best results. 8-12″ x 11″ sheets come in six micron grades. Papers can be cut lengthwise into strips, taped, and made into rolls for use on Finger Sanders and Sanding Sticks. Papers can also be cut into much smaller pieces, wrapped and glued for use on split mandrels.

1 Micron, 10,000 Grit, White

2 Micron, 6,000 Grit, Aqua

3 Micron, 4,000 Grit, Pink

9 Micron, 1,200 Grit, Light Blue

15 Micron, 800 Grit, Gray

30 Micron, 400 Grit, Green