SAND IT Cushioned Sanding Drum 3/4" diameter SMALL


SAND IT is so easy to use you will find yourself reaching for this tool more than any other. Sand contours, allows you to hold your carving while sanding, soft enough to sand any irregular shaped surface and more. Developed exclusively for the woodcarver!

(#9895 Sand-It Drum/Foam sleeves are spot glued to the arbor and must be removed and mandrel cleaned before replacing with a new foam/sander replacement. Sandpaper alone is not replaceable.)

3/4" diameter x 2" Small Kit Contains:
FINE 400 grit 3/4" drum attached 1/8" mandrel
MEDIUM 220 grit 3/4" drum attached 1/8" mandrel
COARSE 100 grit 3/4" drum attached 1/8" mandrel