Refine & Detail Set 5 pc


Set includes tools needed to refine and detail your wood carvings. Made in USA

  • #2 - 8mm skew
  • #3 - 3mm shallow gouge
  • #5 - 3mm shallow gouge
  • #8 - 5 mm deep gouge fishtail
  • #9 - 6mm deep gouge fishtail

The steel is high carbon steel, tempered or heat treated to harden the steel so it maintains a sharp edge, will range approx. 59 to 62 hardness. A hand forged with high carbon tool steel, with a standard hardwood handle (handle shape/size may vary).

  • Width + or - 1mm.
  • Over all length varies 9"-11"

These tools have a factory ground edge and will need some additional sharpening and or honing before use.

Choose: Sharpened or UNsharpened Set