Diamond STONE 600/1200 GRIT 2"X6"^


Super High Quality
Heavy 2 pounds

180/600 GRIT
SIZE : 2.75"X8"

Sharpening carving tools just got easier! If ordinary sharpening stones are used to sharpen wood carving and tools, the stones will "cup" with wear. Sharpening with cupped stones causes rounded tips on flat edges (what you don't want). A perfectly flat stone is needed especially for sharpening chip carving knives, gouges, chisels, and plane irons!  These superior sharpening stones feature genuine diamond grit permanently bonded to a solid 5/16" steel plate. These diamond grit sharpening stones will cut faster, last longer, and never "cup". The diamond grit used on these stones is tough enough to sharpen carbide and any hard tool steel. No fluid is required during use. This is a single bench-style "stone" with a different grit on each side of a precision-machined steel plate. A continuous diamond surface of micronized monocrystalline diamond grit is permanently electroplated to the steel plate surface. Use the extra-coarse (180 grit) side for quick sharpening very dull blades or for flattening water stones and oilstones. Note the extra coarse side has clearance channels cut into the surface to move away waste material and to cut faster and cleaner. The medium (600 grit) side is used for preparing the edge for final sharpening with the finer stones or for quickly sharpening edges. The extra length of this stone is perfect for flattening conventional stones and for quickly sharpening knives and tools. No oil is needed. Use with water or dry (store dry). 2.75" x 8" (70mm x 205mm).


SIZE 2.75X8"

COMBO 180 & 600 GRIT