DVD Carving Elf Ornaments - Gargac


DVD Carving Elf Ornaments with Mark Gargac

Carve along step by step with mark as he guides your through the steps in carving your own walking stick. Includes carving description and finishing techniques, measurements, and tool list.

The carving is utilizing  the same triangular blank, while still hinging on the pierced through and full relief style of carving. Carving instruction begins with roughing out and establishing proportions in the blank which makes it easy to set in the facial features like the nose, eyes, and mouth. The corner stone of this DVD is the special attention that is paid to the details of the entire carving process. Which helps the carver to easily understand and  grasp the carving techniques at hand. Also covered in the DVD is applying a natural type of finish to your carving, and a special product is discussed that will convey more realism in the eyes of your carvings. With up close clear video and crisp audio  Carving Elf Ornaments is carving instruction that will result in an enlightening carving experience for the beginner to the seasoned carver. Carving Elf ornaments is just my interpretation of these mythical beings. After experimenting with these carvings you will discover your own interpretation's of carving Elf ornaments. The Best to all your carving  adventures