'Drawing with FIRE' Woodburning Pen SET (Animal & People Portraits)


Val's  'Burning with Fire' Animal & People Portraits
18s- Small Spear Shader
19s - Small Ball
18xs - Extra Small Shader
23 - Spoon Shader- Medium

Images shown are front & side view of pens - 4Pc Set

The Drawing with Fire Optima wood burner base set are the four pens most used by Valarie Connell of Drawing With Fire to create all subjects including her animal and people portraits. These pens are the ones she grabs first for all of her pieces. The enlarged pens in the photos are the same pens Valarie has been personally burning with for many years, so they are well loved. Please note that the spear shaders and spoon shader can be used in multiple different angles. This is the set Valarie highly recommends to get started in your burning journey.

18 Small Spear Shader
- Valarie uses this pen for multiple areas or general burning. She uses it for skin, hair, fur, eyes, clothes, etc. The top half of the tip, flat against the wood; is used for: general shading of skin, shadows, eyeballs, lips, and thicker hair / fur strokes. The edge of the tip is used for thinner fur and hair strokes, as well as tight areas.

18 Extra Small Spear Shader - This pen heats differently because it is a thinner width across, yet a tiny bit thicker. The pen burns slightly darker at a lower heat setting. Valarie uses this pen similarly to the 18 Small spear shader where she wants a darker burn, but at a lower heat setting. The top half of the tip, flat against the board in overlapping oval strokes will create texture. Continued overlapping oval strokes will smooth and blend the texture.

23 Medium Spoon Shader - This pen is used to smooth out blends, especially in between the grain. Valarie uses this to smooth out the blending on skin. Also used to darken tones for general burning. Can be used with the tip slightly angled up for a thicker stroke or used more angled flat to use the bottom of the spoon bowl. Great for blending out harsh lines.

19 Small Ball - Great tip for small places. This pen can be used for the irises and pupils of the eyes. Also used to shape the water line of and eye. Very useful when creating stippling textures and overall small shading. Works for small lettering and signatures.

Optima Pen & Tip Combos are made out of extremely durable composite materials that retard heat conduction, with a soft foam cushion grip, tips are permanently attached to conduct heat more evenly and reliably. Made in America