Colwood Detailer Package-Aluminum Case


Detailer Package  The Detailer is Colwood's original unit and our biggest seller. The control unit carries a two year warranty; the handpiece & cord carries a 90 day warranty.  
Standard Features:

  • Ultra Flex Cord 
  • Separate lighted on/off switch 
  • One Cleaning Cloth
  • One Honing Paper
  • Terminal barrier for easy replacement of handpiece cords 
  • Clip for mounting handpieces 
  • Tabletop model 
  • Aluminum PRO case

Includes Detailer woodburner, a replaceable tip handle, 5 replaceable tips (B,C,D,J,S) , custom carrying aluminum case, and 1 Ez-Tip puller.  The Detailer is Colwood's Original woodburner and features a lighted on-off switch, solid state temperature controller, clip for mounting handpieces, and 
an ultra-flex handpiece cord.  Made in USA

Great little instruction book Quick Start Woodburning Guide