Carving Historic Western Face-Lundy

The cowboy was an integral part of the old west. Much of life in those times revolved around him. Not only did he act as a cow nurse, herding, driving, and branding, but he also stacked hay, and built corrals and barns. He should be remembered too for his dedicated defense of the brand he rode for, even in the face of death. The Saturday night shindigs wouldn’t have been the same without him either. Most cowboys couldn’t dance a lick, but as long as that little gal was in his arms, who cared what the feet were doing! These cowboys were tough men. They were independent but when needed they were there. A rare breed!To carve these qualities into a face is indeed a challenge. Bob Lundy takes the carver through three projects, The Cowboy, The Indian, and The Mountain Man. With informative instructions (laced with a good deal of humor) and clear photographs he goes from the raw wood to a finished, realistic portrayal of these characters of the old west. A gallery of 16 other figures is included to give the reader other ideas.This book is written for both the beginner, who is looking for complete how-to information from start to finish, and for the veteran, who is interested only in a tip here and there to improve their work.Lundy approaches his work with an eye for the personality of the characters. He will instill that sensitivity to the reader, giving the carver a feeling of closeness and intimacy with the people who emerge from the wood.