Coticule Whetstone SALE


 A natural Belgium (Coticule) stone offered in random sizes and shapes with a sharpening surface of approximately 4-5 square inches. Consists of two layers: a Coticule seam piece (not every Coticule seam in the quarry is of the same thickness) worked into a nice, flat surface and a backing of black slate for stability because of the brittleness of the Coticule. The dark slate side is not to be used for sharpening. Tiny hairline cracks may be visible along the edges of the Coticule stone. This is perfectly normal for such a brittle material and it has no influence at all on the sharpening properties. 

A unique, versatile one-stone choice for all your sharpening needs.
To sharpen, use with water which will create a slurry on top of the stone to work the metal down. Less water and greater pressure will produce a more coarse slurry, resulting in more grind.  As you add more water and use a lighter touch, you'll get a finer edge.  

Water stone only, do not use with oil. 
Natural hand shaped  stones, each are one of a kind and your stone will vary from the photo. Sold individually. A great unique stone to add to your collection.