1/8" shank Nugget Bur COARSE FLAME

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1/8" SHANK, HEAD DIAMETER 3/8", HEAD LENGTH 5/8". Overall length 1.75" (45mm)

These amazing new burrs shape wood quickly, without the clogging and deep scratches left by other bonded carbide burrs! These burrs are made of virtually indestructible carbide on 1/8-inch steel shanks. These burrs won’t wear out, load up, break down, or overheat. Select from the most popular shapes used for wood carving or buy the complete set! Use Carbide Nugget Burrs to shape all woods, plus plastic, fiberglass, ceramics, soft metals and more (Not for use on steel). These burrs feature versatile, 1/8" shanks, and will fit inside the standard collets of Dremel tools, Micro-Motor tools plus all flexible shaft handpieces! Maximum speed 30,000 rpm.