Nugget Burr GOLD FINE 10 pc Set

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10 PC SET FINE NUGGETtm BURRS. These burrs remove wood fast, leave the surface smooth, resist clogging, yet last longer than any others we've tried! They feature super-tough nuggets of wear and impact resistant Tungsten Carbide, permanently brazed to the steel body. These "nuggets" of fine carbide grit are more durable than the pointed carbide used on others. The result is fast cutting, plus amazing resistance to loading. Perfect for all shaping uses; in forward or reverse rotation. Optimum speeds 3,000-10,000 RPM. 1/4" (6.3mm) shank, head diameters range from 1/4"~3/4" (7mm~16mm), overall length 2.75" (70mm). Set contains all 10 Fine (Gold) Nugget Burrs. Save  with this set!