Woodburning with Cheryl Dow- Book 4*


This book is for more advanced pyrographers, that have had more experience.

The instructions in this newest book are very similar to her previous books, but she does add a few more pages, and introduces two more pen tips that she has found very useful. 

The patterns in this book (a whooping 51 of them) are a bit smaller than in previous books (two per page), as the inspiration for this book came from the quilt project.  Also, none of the patterns in this book contain "flow line" patterns (only a finished, and an outline pattern), as this book is meant for more advanced pyrographers.

Here are the patterns, as they appear in the book.  Each pattern takes up half a page, except the owl at the very end.  Pattern names with an "*" in front of them, are shown here on the cover.

Peek-a-boo Coon, Mama Coon (carrying baby), Flying Heron, Standing Heron, Baby Swan, Hungry baby Bird, *Treed Chippie, Post Chippie, Bullfrog, Frog and Butterfly,*Golden Eagle head, Flying Eagle, Cardinal, Nesting Robin, *Fox head, Fox and Rabbit, Skunk & Flowers, Hounds (lying), Running Doe, Doe Eyed Fawn, Canada Goose Family, Merganser, Horse head, Mare & Colt, Iris Bloom, Poppy, Butterfly, Another Butterfly, Hummingbirds, Peony Singer, Zebras, Ali (My Macaw), Lynx Head, Cougar Head, Seagull, Lighthouse, Barm & Pump, Sailing Ship, Eagle, Owl on Oak Branch, Cougar Family, Resting Moose, *Baby Bear, Mama Bear, a Tiger face, and finally a Lion face . And a beautiful pattern of an Owl on a branch.