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Warren Brand Carving Products   The Warren Interchangeable system of carving tools offers you a versatile and compact tool set
with a broad range of blades and conventional gouges, chisels and v-tools.

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Warren Travel Kit   Kit includes a rugged hinged vinyl covered steel
box, with flocked plastic inserts and magnetic blade holder for quick
tool changes.  Walnut handle with brass quick-tightener that will accept
all the Warren tools.  One large carver blade,  6 assorted detail blades,
one v-tool and one long bent gouge. Great for travel, compact size
6"x4"x1.5"  Made in USA

  #1636  Warren Travel Carving Set  $50.00




#KB3N  Includes Handle and 6 assorted detail blades $22.00  NEW!!!!
#1658  Set of Six Small Blades Only   $6.00




#1307 Warren NEW Plastic Handle $15.99  (single handle)

New injection moulded handles.  Color will vary.





Warren Handles  All of these handles have 3-way brass jaws, which allow the carver to use the
5/16" small tang blades, the 1/2" large tang blades or the round center opening for the chisels,
gouges and v-tools.


 #1307  Warren Plastic Handle Burl Style $15.99


#1769  Warren Rubber "Grippy" Handle Style $15.99


#1310  Warren Standard Walnut Handle  $15.99


#1716  Warren Walnut Pencil Grip Handle  $15.99


#1311 Warren Standard Walnut with Wrench  $16.99



#3017 Make Your Own Handle Kit $11.99

Everything you need to make your own Warren handle,
except the wood.


Warren Small Tang 5/16" width Blades are made from high carbon tool steel, come pre-sharpened
and are easily maintained.  Fits all of the handles shown above
$1.25 ea


#1658  Set of Six Small Blades above   $6.00   (excluding #1664)

Warren Large Tang Blades 1/2" width are slightly larger than the blades above, are made from
high-carbon tool steel, come pre-sharpened and are easily maintained.  Fits any of the Warren
handles above.
    $5.00 Each       

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1660.bmp (10422 bytes)1661.bmp (12726 bytes) Large Bent Blades   $6.95 each Made
of high carbon tool steel. Will fit Warren handles.

   SALE $3.00

1662.bmp (20694 bytes)1663.bmp (16238 bytes)Small Bent Blades  $5.95 each Made of high carbon
 tool steel. Will fit all Warren Handles above.

SALE $3.00


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