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Woodcarving DVDs



8351  DVD Carving a Better Eye  $15.00

Carving a Better Eye  The DVD includes carving
instruction of two different style eyes.






9981  DVD PyroPaper Tutorial $8.00







DVD   #3412   Burning the Night The Art of Negative Woodburning  by Sue Walters  $19.99

Learn the Art of Negative Space Woodburning!
60 Minutes - Color - 15 Lessons - Bonus Booklet with Patterns





#2187  DVD  Carving Magical Tree Houses - Jensen  $24.95







#9224 DVD Carving Hiking Sticks Gargac $25.00





NEW!!! DVDs Carving and Painting a Tall Skinny Santa with Pat Moore. Learn how to map in
facial features before carving. carve happy santa face and focus on detail. Carve eyes and noses
with simplified steps. Achieve movement and flow in beard and hair.

SAVE!!! Buy both DVDs (Carve & Paint)$35.00
#7270 DVD Pat Moore Learn to Carve a Tall Skinny Santa $19.00
#7271 DVD Pat Moore Learn to Paint a Tall Skinny Santa $19.00


woodspirit.jpg (45105 bytes)  DVD  Best Seller!
Carving Woodspirits in Cottonwood Bark by Skylar Johnson  $24.95
90 min. Carve a woodspirit step-by-step, selecting the bark, choosing the tools, carving the
facial features and long sweeping hair.  Shot with two camera angles in full color to capture
the carving detail. Use the techniques learned here to carve driftwood, sticks, logs and more.


#9504  DVD Carving Woodspirits in Cottonwood Bark $24.95   SALE $20.00

Jim Redhawk DVD's  Great instructional DVD's from the talented Jim Redhawk

#7995  DVD  Carving an Indian Profile with Jim Redhawk  $24.00





#8044 DVD  Woodcarving an Eagle's Head Redhawk $24.00





NEW!!!!  #7996  Carving Eyes with Redhawk (2 DVD set) $45.00

(2 DVD set) Includes FREE carving template which aids in the carving process. 




NEW!!!!  #7997  DVD  Carving a Mountain Man with Redhawk  $24.00

 Includes FREE carving template which aids in the carving process. 




NEW!!!! #7998 DVD Carving an American Indian Woman with Jim Red Hawk $45.00

2 DVD set   Includes FREE carving template which aids in the carving process. 





#8007 DVD Woodcarving a Bark House with Jim Redhawk $24.00

This DVD introduces you to Redhawk's style of reading the bark
carving techniques, sealing and painting the piece
and a gallery of Redhawk's carvings.



#8003 DVD  Carving a Basic Face in Cottonwood Bark  $29.00

New!  From Jim Redhawk, popular carving instructor and artist, the DVD Carving a Basic
Face in Cottonwood Bark. 
I hour and 20 minutes, Color.  Covers all the basics for carving
an Indian Face.

Includes FREE carving template which aids in the carving process. 




#7994 Redhawk's Face Template Only $9.00

Laser cut, durable plastic template with text and numeric guides.  Instructions included.
Approximate size 3-3/8"x2-3/8"


#3411 DVD Pyrography $24.95
Discover the simple techniques of pyrography as you stand alongside one of today's finest woodburning artists, Sue Walters. Ideal for the beginner, or for any woodburners looking to improve their skills, Pyrography Workshop with Sue Walters is like having a private tutoring session. In addition to learning all of the basics of woodburning, you also will receive 10 detailed lessons that culminate in the completion of a stunning hawk project.

Inside this 2-DVD set, you will find a 16 page color booklet that includes two patterns for the hawk project, a photo of the finished piece, and an invaluable set of reference photos illustrating more than 60 textures created with just four pyrography tips. Pyrography Workshop with Sue Walters has everything you need to start woodburning like a pro!







#3332 DVD Woodburning with Cheryl Dow $49.95

Instructional DVD
2 - 2 hour long videos of woodburning techniques for beginner, intermediate
and advanced pyrographic artists to learn new skills and to develop their skill
levels to a higher degree. Covers a wide range of techniques.



  • Mark Gargac DVD's Instruction from the highly talented carver/instructor and Colorado
    resident Mark Gargac.

    #9223 DVD Carving Cowboy Bottlestoppers $27.00

    Carving Cowboy Bottlestoppers is a great carving project for the beginner to
    advanced wood carver.  Many different facial expressions can be tailored
    from this very versatile blank.  All aspects of the carving process are covered
    in this DVD, including cutting out additional blanks.



    #9220 DVD Carving Santa Ornaments $27.00

    Carve an Old World Santa ornament combining two styles of wood carving. The face
    is carved in traditional full relief, and the beard and areas around the hat are carved in
    a pierced relief fashion. This adds texture and interest, creating negative space also
    adds dimension and lends a nice flow to the carving. The small size of this project also
    cuts down on the investment of time and is a great way to build your confidence in
    creating realistic facial features before committing to larger carvings. In this project
    special attention is paid to the details of the carving process enabling the viewer to readily understand
    and grasp the carving techniques.
    Carve along in this easy to follow, step by step procedure, which will allow you to finish your Santa ornament
    right along with Mark. Starting with the  blank, to the roughing out of the ornament, then on to the intricate
    facial details, flowing hair, and beard. All aspects of the carving of the Santa ornament are covered.
    Also covered in full detail is finishing with a simple, but effective 4- step process, the final touches that will
    bring your Santa carving to life! Carving from blanks is an excellent experience in expanding your creativity
    levels. There are many variations that can be applied to these carvings, which are only limited by your
    imagination. The goal of this DVD is not only take you through a step by step carving instruction, but hopefully
    techniques learned, are further incorporated into each carvers individual styles to create pieces uniquely their
    own. The techniques learned in this DVD can also be used to carve ornaments in basswood egg turnings,
    dowels, blocks, walking sticks, and bark.

    #9221 DVD Carving Elf Ornaments $27.00

    "Carving Elf Ornaments",is a spinoff of, "Carving Santa Ornaments" The carving maintains
     its basic form by utilizing the same triangular shape blank, while still hinging on the pierced,
    and full relief carving styles. Carving instruction begins with roughing out and establishing
    proportion in the basswood blank. Then it's on to isolating the facial features, which includes
     the mouth, lips, chin, jaw line, eye mounds, and ears. Also emphasized and covered in full
    detail, is laying out the mound for the mouth, the essential basic foundation necessary for
    portraying correctly detailed facial expressions in this area of the face. Applying a natural
    type finish is also demonstrated step by step, and a special product is discussed which will
    reveal how to convey more realism in the eyes of your carvings. The corner stone of this DVD is the special
    attention that's paid to the details of the carving process enabling the viewer to easily grasp the carving techniques
    to carve their very own and unique carving. Carving from blanks is an excellent opportunity in expanding your
    creativity levels. You will find that after you have carved a few Elf ornaments, that by moving the measurements
    around some, and making some changes to the facial features, the expressions you can create are many. Though
    there are realistic overtones in these carvings, Carving Elf Ornaments are not realistic carvings, but if you choose,
    can certainty be carved that way. Carving Elf Ornaments are just my interpretation of these mythical beings and I
    carve them to what appeals to me. After experimenting with these carvings I am sure you'll discover your own
    interpretation of Carving Elf Ornaments.

    #9222 DVD Carving Woodspirits-Gargac $27.00

    Legend has it woodspirits live within the trees and are just waiting for their chance to be released.
    The woodspirit is said to be the lord of the forest and of all natural existence. It is also said that a
    forest will remain standing as long as the woodspirit maintains order. Carve along in this easy to
    follow DVD on releasing your own woodspirit from within. All techniques of the carving process
    are covered. Featuring up close, clear video, and clean, crisp audio. Carving instruction begins
    with focusing on and roughing out the cottonwood bark and establishing facial proportion. Then
    its on to isolating the facial features and setting in and detailing the nose, eyes, flowing hair, and
    beard. Also a section on carving a cottonwood bark pipe for your woodspirit if you choose, and finishing up, section
    on refining and final detailing your carving. All the information is included in this instructional DVD on how to release
    the woodspirit from within. Follow along, and carve along, and release your very own unique woodspirit from within.
    Techniques learned in this DVD can also be applied to walking sticks, canes, basswood blocks, and turnings.

    A DVD navigational menu provides a smooth transition in the carving process. Over 95 minutes of carving instruction.
    This DVD is the next best thing to a private lesson

    #1131  DVD  New Lower Price $20.00  Old Retail $31.00  Fur, Feathers, and Fins

    Just released (Feb. 2007).... 3-Disc DVD Set starring master carver,
    author, and teacher, Frank C. Russell.



    This set of 3 DVD's has in-depth instruction for beginning woodcarvers as well as detailed tips for more advanced power woodcarvers who want to enhance their technique. Filmed at the Vermont studio of renowned carver, Frank Russell, Fur, Feathers, & Fins shows the many steps involved in bringing simple blocks of tupelo wood to life.
    In over 3 hours of video material, Frank walks you through the set up of his work space, the tools he uses, safety concerns and lots more. He covers in great detail the carving of 3 different animal projects: A Cotton Tail Rabbit, Mallard Drake Duck, and Small Mouth Bass.  Frank's congenial manner and accomplished teaching style lend to the enjoyment of learning to carve.

    The disc set includes a 25-minute bonus chapter called "Foredom Basics" with Mike Zagielski, Foredom's National Sales Manager. Mike goes step by step over the basics of using Foredom flex shaft machines including proper set-up, operation and maintenance.
    Fur, Feathers and Fins also comes with a carving pattern for the rabbit and a sandpaper template for a tapered split mandrel.


    Disc1 (1 hr. 16 min.)  Carving Basics and Carving the Cotton Tail Rabbit:

    Disc 2  (1 hr. 2 min.) Texturing and Carving the Mallard Drake Duck:


    Disc 3 (1 hr. 23 min.)  Carving the Small Mouth Bass:  

    Bonus Chapter on Foredom Basics, Rabbit Pattern, Template for Sandpaper Mandrel Included!



    #8401 DVD  Beginning Woodcarving Ellenwood  $24.95

    If you want to learn how to carve wood, or if youre now carving and not happy with the
    results youre getting, this DVD is for you.

    Fourteen chapters of helpful information on how to carve wood, contained on one 3 hour
    Key topics covered are:
    The anatomy of wood and what are the best woods to carve.
    How to correctly carve wood to get clean smooth cuts.
    What are good carving tools to buy.
    How to properly, and safely, use carving tools to achieve maximum efficiency.
    How to sharpen carving tools.
    How to develop an idea into a finished carving.
    Lots of tips and techniques Ive learned over my 30 plus years of carving and 20 years of teaching experience.
    Plus 2 projects.

    Professionally made in a studio, using 3 cameras, my 210 minute video is divided into 14 chapters:
    Introduction - Anatomy of Wood - Carving Knives - Sharpen Carving Knives - Stylized Bird - Chisels,
    Gouges and V Tools - Sharpen Gouges and V Tools - Tool Practice - Flower Relief Carving -
    Good Woods to Carve - How to start a project - Clamping Devices - Finishing/Painting - Conclusion.

    wpe1.jpg (19641 bytes)

    #3021  DVD   Figure Carving in the Scandinavian Style Refsal $24.95

    90 minute video or DVD on the Scandinavian style flat plane carving. Through the power of
    close-up lenses, watch Harley transform a rough blank of basswood into the lifelike figure of
    Karl Oskar, the younger brother of Harley's popular figure 'Oskar'. In this first-ever video on
    'flat plane carving', Harley clearly explains every step of the process. Using only a single sharp
    knife and making polished cuts - he demonstrates the art of giving expression to every carved
    facet. If you are a master, a beginner, or interested in Scandinavian art - this video offers a lifetime of learning
    and inspiration. It's like having a class with Harley in your own home anytime you wish!

    Karl Oskar pattern included. 90 minutes
    Getting Started
    Sharpening- for that Razor Edge
    Knife Grips for Control, Power and Safety
    Knife Carving Techniques
    Painting Tips
    Safety Techniques
    A Gallery of Figure Carvings
    History of Scandinavian Figure Carving
    Detailed Instruction - from Eyes to Buttons

    2150.jpg (23392 bytes)   

    #2151 DVD Relief Carving in a Different Light  $17.50

       DVD Observe or carve along with David Bennett in
    this in-depth guide for relief carvers. This 87 minute DVD by master carver David Bennett
    reveals his secrets to successful relief carving. With step-by-step instructions, David leads
    you through an actual carving project, showing his techniques and the visual concepts that
    make them work


       waynebarton.bmp (27702 bytes)  

    #2147 DVD Chip Carving  by Wayne Barton $19.95

    55 min Full Color - Everything you need to know to start chip carving.  Great instruction directly from premier
    chip carver Wayne Barton.  Learn borders, rosettes, free-form and lettering.

    Decorate furniture, cabinets, boxes, and more
    Chip carving is a wonderfully direct and simple way to decorate furniture, cabinets, boxes, plaques and utensils. Wayne Barton, a master of the Swiss style of chip carving, shows you step by step how you can beautify a number of objects using very few tools.

    You'll learn about:

    * tools and the basic border cuts
    * decorative designs like gothic rosettes and lace borders
    * roman lettering
    * creating script monograms









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