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Stones & Strops - Stones and strops are the traditional way to keep your carving tools sharp.  Even the best tools will eventually need to be sharpened.  Strops are used to help sharp tools stay that way.  A strop won't bring a dull tool back, stones or diamond cards will be required for that.  Below are a variety of great products to help you keep your tools sharp and ready!

sharpening kit.tif (109012 bytes)

Great for just getting started with the basics of sharpening!. Includes a autographed copy of
How to Sharpen
Woodcarving Tools by Skylar Johnson, a tool box strop and aluminum oxide abrasive.

#SKIT     Sharpening KIT    $17.95



Ceramic Slips - Designed for sharpening and honing smaller detail tools. Easily cleaned
with household cleansers, a scouring pad and water.



#1436  Ceramic Round Slip  $15.75       5" x .25"







#1437 Ceramic File Slip $19.00          5" x .468"







#1438 Ceramic Triangle Slip $15.75        5" x .25"   





New!   #3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00   

Hard, flat, needs no oil or lubricant.  Fine grade, highly sought
after ceramic stone at an incredible price!    6"x1.5"x3/8"
Single Sided  Fine 1000 grit

#3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00



 New!   #3168  Double Sided Ceramic Stone $32.00

Measures 4" overall. One side is super fine ceramic stone (white) and the other is a
dark gray ceramic made of synthetic sapphires. Stones do not need lubrication.  Brown leather pouch.




#1433 Medium Ceramic Stone 3" x 1" x .25"  $16.00



#1852 Black Arkansas Stone $20.00

This stone will provide a final hone and polished edge.
1-7/8"x4" mounted on oak wood block.  USA



#1857 Translucent Arkansas Stone $11.00

The rarest of Arkansas sharpening stones.  This stone will produce the highest
degree of a polished, razor's edge.  Factory irregulars, 1"x4"x3/8" in leather sheath.


#1267 3 pc Sharpening Stone Set $10.00

3pc Sharpening Stone Set - Each measures 3 1/2" x 1 1/8" x 1/2". Contains gray 120 grit, brown 240 grit, and white 800 grit.


sharpening wheels.tif (41748 bytes) wpe3.jpg (1791 bytes) Super Sharp Paper Wheels

 Our best selling sharpening product and the easiest way for you to achieve professional results at home. Wheels are made in the USA out of laminated paper and will fit on any ordinary bench grinder with 1/2" or 5/8" arbor. They work best on a high speed motor (3450-3600 rpm ). One wheel is coated with silicon carbide grit which will allow you to shape and sharpen your tools and the other wheel is for polishing. Apply the included rouge to the wheel and polish your tools to a razor's edge. Deluxe kit comes with two wheels, white rouge, extra carbide grit and wheel conditioning compound. Mounting and operating instructions included.  Use with your Motor or Bench Grinder. Motor/Grinder Not Included.

#1723 Deluxe 1"x8" Wheel Kit $39.95 Sale $35.95
#1735 Deluxe 1"x6" Wheel Kit    Sale $29.95  Reg $35.00

New! Wheels only now available!

#1726  1"x8" Slotted Paper Wheel Only  $18.95
#1730 Grease, Grit & Rouge  $8.95    


#8578 Profiled Sharpening Stone $21.00   

Pure oilstone for razor sharp cutting edge. With pre profiled surface for easy sharpening and resharpening of your gouges and v-tools. Approx 3 7/8x2 5/8x3/4".


The perfect way to hone and debur the inside of your gouges. Use this curved shape ceramic to hone the curved shape on your larger gouges. An inexpensive way to handle those burrs.
8.5"length x 3/8"diameter.

#1215 Ceramic Rod $3.00

#1215-2     2 Ceramic Rods   only $5.00


Diamond Sharpeners

#3301 Diamond Sharpening Block $12.99

Fine grit, super sharpening block. Use with water, Just a few light strokes produces a sharp edge. Surface size 2"x6" Imported


#7399 Diamond Sharpening Set $23.00   SALE $21.95

Sharpens quickly, stays flat, comes with storage pouch. Sharpening surface 2" x 3/4" each. Three grits fine, medium and super fine. Clean, use with water.

New Item!  Wallet Size Diamond Hones $16.95 & Taper Hone $9.95
Keep your tools sharp with these credit card sized
diamond hones.  Small 2" x 3-1/4". is just the right
size for your tool box.  Available in 3 grits.



  Taper Hone Shown Above


#8816 Set/Super FINE & MEDIUM   2 Cards  $22.95  NEW!!!

Diamond Sharpening Cards - These superior products use real diamond permanently bonded to a stiff steel plate so they cut faster, last longer & never “cup”. The diamond grit used on these stones is tough enough to sharpen carbide & any hard tool steel. They can even sharpen Ceramic kitchen knives! No fluid is required during use. Use medium (270 grit) for initial sharpening & Super Fine (1,200 grit) for final sharpening to a razor edge. Perfect for all knives & tools. Order extra sets for your tackle and tool boxes. 2"x3”


flexcut 015.jpg (34463 bytes)


Flexcut Slip Strop  This strop has been specially molded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard to reach areas on the inside of your v-tools and gouges as well as the outside edges. Includes a 1 ounce bar of Flexcut Gold Compound and detailed instructions.

#8630 Flexcut Slip Strop $16.50


       #8631 Flexcut Gold Compound Large $9.50


                                              #8632  Flexcut Gold Compound Small  $3.95

1229.jpg (20970 bytes)

     #1229   Leather Flex-Strop  $18.00

Most carvers could not get by without their strop.  This one has a solid wood frame with leather on one side and a silicon carbide surface on the other for touching up slightly dull surfaces.  The unique aspect of this strop is that near one end, wood is removed from the frame to allow the leather surface to give or flex with a tool such as a gouge, allowing the entire cutting edge to make contact with the leather. We recommend using aluminum oxide powder (sold below) with this strop. Made in the USA. Length 12".

Need polishing compound?

#1224 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive $5.00

#9558 Pro Strop 3.25x9.5 double sided $20.00

A Mountain Woodcarvers Exclusive!
This high quality, American made strop features a whopping
3-1/4" wide x 9-1/2" long fully leather wrapped stropping surface.  Perfect for your longer knives.  One edge has a v profile while the other edge is rounded.  Overall length is 14-3/4". 

Need polishing compound?

 #1224 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive $5.00



Untitled-39.jpg (16412 bytes)

  #4000 Hone Strop $16.00

Unique rubber material mounted to a flat wood surface. Has a flat conventional stropping surface but in addition one end is v-shaped for stropping the inside of your v-tools and one edge is u-shaped to strop the inside of your gouges.   Use with abrasive #1224.

Need polishing compound?

#1224 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive $5.00


#401  Large Hone Strop  $25.00

A large surface for those large knives.  Stropping suface is 2.75"x8.5".  Includes a
v shaped edge for the inside of your v-tools and rounded edge for the inside of your gouges.
                                                                                                     Use with aluminum oxide powdered abrasive.


#5023 Super Strop $9.00   NEW!

Great size for all carvers. Stropping surface 1.5x7". One side is leather for stropping your tools to a razor's edge. The other side is high grit sandpaper for quickly removing burs.

Need polishing compound?

#1224 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive $5.00



Untitled-36.jpg (11269 bytes) #1239  Tool Box Strop  $5.95

   Small, basic leather strop on a nice wooden frame.  Fits nicely in your tool roll.  Overall length 8", leather surface is 1.25"x 6".

Need polishing compound?

             #1224 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive $5.00

#8170 Diamond Paste $13.95

Diamond Paste Sharpening Compound will give your tools the sharpest
edges obtainable.  To use, simply apply paste to your favorite strop, leather or felt wheel, or even a wooden board.
Use straight out of the tube or mix with oil to create a slurry.  3.5 micron (8000 grit).

1224.tif (34078 bytes)

For use with any strop above. #1224  1 oz. Powdered Aluminum Oxide  $5.00


Save - Buy 2!     #12242    2 - 1oz Jars Aluminum Oxide  $8.00     

wpe6B.jpg (2310 bytes) Great abrasive for polishing your carving knives, gouges, v-tools and chisels.

#7502 1/4" Zam $4.95


Polishing Compounds

#1402 White Medium Cut Honing Compound - One ounce (One bar only)  $2.50 
#1402-6  6 pack    White Medium Cut Honing Compound - One ounce 6 Pack  $12.50 


#1403 Green Fine Cut Honing Compound - One ounce (One bar only)  $2.50 
#1403-6  6 pack    Green Fine Cut Honing Compound - One ounce 6 Pack  $12.50


Large ONE Pound Bars!

#1136 EX FINE Green Honing Compound $13.95
#1137 FINE Green Honing Compound $13.95
#2891 White Rouge $6.95



 Ceramic Sharpening Stones Ceramic stones are hard, stay flat and need no oil or lubricant.  Medium grade (dark) for shaping and sharpening.  Ultra fine (white) for polishing and keeping a razor edge. Size is 1-3/4" x 4-7/16" and includes protective pouch. No honing oil required.

Untitled-21.jpg (36026 bytes)

  #4027 Medium Stone $36.95

Untitled-20.jpg (42445 bytes)

#4028 Ultra Fine Stone $36.95




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