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Power Sharpening Products

Super Sharp Paper Wheels

sharpening wheels.tif (41748 bytes)wpe3.jpg (1791 bytes) - Our best selling sharpening product and the easiest way for you to achieve professional results at home. Wheels are made in the USA out of laminated paper and will fit on any ordinary bench grinder with 1/2" or 5/8" arbor. They work best on a high speed motor (3450-3600 rpm). One wheel is coated with silicon carbide grit which will allow you to shape and sharpen your tools and the other wheel is for polishing.  Apply the included rouge to the wheel and polish your tools to a razor's edge.  Deluxe kit comes with two wheels, white rouge, extra carbide grit and wheel conditioning compound.    Mounting and operating instructions included.

#1723 Deluxe 1"x8" Wheel Kit   Reg$39.95   Sale $35.95
#1735  Deluxe1"x6" Wheel Kit    Reg$35 Sale $29.95

Just need one wheel?

#1726  1''x8" Wheel Only   (Finned Stropping Wheel)    $18.95
#1726  1''x6" Wheel Only   (Finned Stropping Wheel)  $16.95

#1730 Grease, Grit & Rouge $8.95

New Micro Strops! made in the USA!

#1207M  MicroStrops $19.00

The popular PowerStrop line now in a Micro size!  Contains 2  1-1/2" diameter wheels
(1 V-shaped and 1 flat)  mounted to 1/8" shank mandrels.  Also includes a small stick
of rouge.



PowerStrop made in the USA 


#1207  Deluxe PowerStrop Kit $38.95  (2) Two Wheels

Kit includes a standard wheel, a V shaped wheel for buffing the inside of V-Tools
and gouges, 2 mandrels, buffing compound and instructions.



Burke Sharpeners 

  #3500  Burke Sharpening System $410.00 Includes shipping   (Continental US Only)

  Sharpen knives, gouges, v-tools, or anything that needs sharpening with this fun and easy to use sharpening system.  Four wheels 1-100 grit, 1-200 grit, 1-leather wheel and 1-cotton buffing wheel.  This is a complete sharpening system.   All steel construction, very safe reduced speed of 430 RPM at the wheels,   8" diameter wheels,  2 year warranty on motor.  Delivered directly to your address from manufacturer.
Size is 24"Wide x  12-1/2"Deep x 16" Tall    Approximate weight 42lbs

#3497 Burke Tote Sharpener $340.00 includes shipping  (Continental US Only)

The newest sharpener is only 12x9x13tall, with 1x6" wheels and only 25 pounds.  Wheels turn
at 430rpm.


<Burke "Tote" seen next to it's big brother the original Burke #3500



B200 Burke Sharpener $515.00 includes shipping  (Continental US Only)
The original Burke sharpener with the new upgrade installed. Comes complete and ready to use with the lower shaft assembly installed. The lower shaft assembly has four paper wheels mounted on a shaft running on sealed ball bearings. The wheels are shaped with sandpaper while the unit is running, Then charged with a buffing compound. They are used for honing the insides of your small U-Gouges, V- tools and any other specialty shapes you desire to create on the paper wheels. Perfect for that ultimate edge on your detail tools. Delivered directly to your address from the manufacturer.
Wheel speed on both tiers is 430rpm.  Size 26'' wide x 12" deep x 18" high

New Compounds

#1402 White Medium Cut Honing Compound - One ounce (One bar only)  $2.50 
#1402-6  6 pack    White Medium Cut Honing Compound - One ounce 6 Pack  $12.50 


#1403 Green Fine Cut Honing Compound - One ounce (One bar only)  $2.50 
 #1403-6  6 pack    Green Fine Cut Honing Compound - One ounce 6 Pack  $12.50 


Polishing Compounds

 Honing Compounds for power stropping.  Extra Large 16oz bars.

#1136 Extra Fine Green Compound  1lb  $13.95
#1137 Fine Green Compound  1lb  $13.95
#2891 White Rouge 1lb  $6.95



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