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We're Cleaning Out the Warehouse!!
Internet Specials Only-While They Last! GOING, GOING, GONE!!!!
(all items subject to prior sale and all sales final)

SAVE on Tools, Books, DVD's, Sharpening, and More!

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Mallet Tool Sale!  Sculpture House Mallet Tools Starts at $10.00 per tool
Made in USA!

SALE on Short bent tools, all sweeps, including v-tools
up to 1" in width (25mm) $10.00  These will be
marked within each category.

SALE Mallets!   $10.00
These hardwood mallets come in a variety of shapes, weights,
and wood types.  Mallets are essential when sculpting larger tools
and/or harder woods These are closeouts and some mallets will
show signs of shelf wear.  Wax coated. Use as is or clean up and
refinish if you like.   Exact species unknown.


Mallet A   20oz   $10.00
Mallet B   12oz   $10.00
Mallet C   11oz   $10.00
SOLD OUT  Mallet D   15oz   $10.00
Mallet E   16oz   $10.00



Mallet F  13oz   $10.00
Mallet G   20oz   $10.00
Mallet H   24oz   $10.00




Mallet J   16oz   $10.00
Mallet K   20oz   $10.00






Sculpture House Blanks

BLUNT/10  10 piece assorted Chisel Blanks $10.00    Untempered

These are Sculpture House untempered blanks with no handle and no bevel/angle.
Ends are blunt and would need grinding and honing before being used
for woodcarving.  All are flat, chisel blanks.  Sizes are 7/16", 5/8", and 3/4".
All sizes are +/- ".  Assortments include 3 each of above sizes + 1 of our choice.

Also available individually.

BLUNT   7/16" Single Chisel Blank $3.00        Untempered
BLUNT   5/8" Single Chisel Blank $3.00         Untempered
                                                                     BLUNT 3/4" Single Chisel Blank $3.00         Untempered



GROUND/10  10 piece assorted Chisel Blanks $15.00    Untempered

These are Sculpture House untempered blanks with no handle but with initial rough,
double bevel grind. Tools would need sharpening/honing before being used
for woodcarving.  All are flat chisels.  Assortments include 5 each of  5/8" and 3/4".
All sizes are +/- ".   

Also available individually.

GROUND   5/8" Single Chisel Blank $4.00           Untempered
                                                                       GROUND   3/4" Single Chisel Blank $4.00          Untempered


Select Power Bits on Sale!

Sale Books...SAVE!  Final Sale prices as marked.

#7469 Woodcarvers Workbook Two Volumes in One Guldan $22.95 Sale $16.99
 #7452 Complete Woodcarvers Workbook Guldan $12.95
Sale $9.

 #7490 Carving Fantasy Characters (Rhadigan) $16.99
Sale $12.


#6097 Carving Fantasy Creatures (Rhadigan) $12.99 Sale $9.99




Singles, Rare, and Out of Print.  Some of these have not been around for years. Great deals on carving, drawing, and reference books! Great ideas for caricature carvers! These are not new and some will show some signs of shelf wear and are sold "as is". Due to the Rarity and Collectibility of some books, they may be priced at more than the price printed on the publication.


Hardbound Copyright 1983 by Tangerman & Zimmerman


Loose Cover


Hardbound Copyright 1982 by William Veasey


Copyright 1982
by Richard LeMaster

Another One Gone!
Another One Gone!

Design & Figure Carving - Tangerman - Hardbound Copyright 1940


Copyright 1988

Some loose pages.

Cecil Wakefield



Another One Gone!
Another One Gone!
Another One Gone!

Jim Snook - Hunting Cartoons - a 25 year Collection
Autographed "Jim S 03"

Autographed "Dale, Happy Carving Claude"
 Another One Gone! Another One Gone!

Small size pamphlet
5-1/2" x 4-1/4"
Autographed "Best Wishes Herb Reinecke"

Another One Gone!







$19.00  Hardbound

Copyright 1978   by  Richard LeMaster


Autographed "To my very good friend Ted ____, Spike Boyd"

$5.00 Hardbound

Hardbound Copyright 1972
by Bruce Burk


Learn to Carve Faces & Expressions - Enlow


Another One Gone!

Another One Gone!


Another One Gone!


Ekstrom - a National Carvers Museum Publication

Another One Gone! Another One Gone!
Another One Gone!
Another One Gone! Another One Gone!

Chip Chats Magazine July-August 1978


Chip Chats Magazine May-June 1996


Chip Chats Magazine July-August 2006

Another One Gone!

SALE on Damaged Books - Below are current stocking books that have some sort of noticeable
damage, mainly to their covers and/or corners. Some creasing may be evident on every page. All
content in every book is complete and readable.  All books below are sold "as is" and at the discounted
price shown.

Examples below of some average damage.  Cut, torn, or dented covers may be evident.

2747X   Little Book of Whittling - Lubkeman  $6.47    reg $12.95
7742X   Old Time Whittling - Randich  $4.99    reg $9.99
3820X   Carving Deer - Hajny   $6.49    reg $12.99
3213X   Extreme Pumpkin Carving - Hood & Williams   $7.50   reg $14.95
2022X   Woodcarving the Nativity in the Folk Art Style - Cipa  $7.50  reg. $14.95
1597X   Carving Found Wood - Hood & Williams   $9.95  reg. $19.95
3261X   Woodspirits and Green Man - Irish, Pye, Cipa  $9.95  reg. $19.95
2210X Carving Western Figures $5.00   - Used


carving santa ornaments cover#2 copyforweb.jpg (14076 bytes) 7166X Carving Santa Claus Ornaments - Johnson $6.99  reg $13.95

Part of inside cover autograph lined out, otherwise reads (Enjoy! Skylar Johnson)


Snap On - Snap Off Discs - Available in Coarse, Medium, and Fine.  7/8" or 5/8" diameter.   
Discs easily click onto mandrel for a secure fit.  Makes changing discs a "snap".  Can be used for
grinding and polishing all types of woods, metals.  Emery silicon carbide grit. 30,000rpm maximum. 
Made in USA

SALE! Incredible Deal! 50 Snap Discs per box!  
7/8" Diameter


#9081  Pkg of 50  7/8" Fine Grit Snap Discs  $5.00    reg$5.95
#9082  Pkg of 50  7/8" Medium Grit Snap Discs  $5.00     reg$5.95
#9083  Pkg of 50  7/8" Coarse Grit Snap Discs  $5.00   reg$5.95


5/8" Diameter

#9071  Pkg of 50  5/8" Fine Grit Snap Discs  $5.00   reg$5.95
#9072  Pkg of 50 5/8" Medium Grit Snap Discs  $5.00   reg$5.95
#9073  Pkg of 50  5/8" Coarse Grit Snap Discs  $5.00   reg$5.95


Mandrel for Discs 3/32" Shank


#9070  Snap Disc Mandrel 3/32" Shank  $3.00  reg$3.95


Coping Saw & Blades

SALE   #9245 Coping Saw  $8.00   reg$8.95

This coping saw can be adjusted to any angle, providing the best approach
to you work.  The tension is adjusted by means of turning the handle.  The saw
frame accepts standard coping saw blades with pins. Comes with one blade.

12-1/2" Overall Length  4-3/4" frame depth.





  SALE     #9247 Coping Saw Blades $4.00   reg $5.95

10 piece replacement coping saw blades for saw above.  Blade length
of 6-1/2".  Blades are high carbon stool, hardened and tempered to give
clean, controllable cutting action.




#8248  Charles Leonard® Metal Ball Bearing Compass  $1.00


SALE 5SB6mm Leather Butt Handle $10.00    #5 Short Bent Gouge 6mm

SALE OVERSTOCK ITEM  #7215 Warren Super Sharp #7 7.5mm Gouge $7.50



#FLATCHISEL    #1-45mm (1-3/4") Round Handle Mallet Chisel Double Bevel approx. 10-1/4" long SALE  $10.00

#1-32mmCHISEL #1x1-1/4"   #1-32mm Octagonal Handle Mallet Chisel Single Bevel approx. 11-1/4" long SALE  $10.00

Hardwood Handles - These handles would make great replacements or the
perfect handle for your tool creation!  Some handles may show signs of shelf wear.


HANDLE#1  6-1/4" length x 1-5/8" diameter (widest)  7/32" Pilot Hole  $3.00


HANDLE#4   4-1/4" length x 3/4" diameter (widest) 3/16" Pilot Hole   $1.00




Select Warren Blades

1661.bmp (12726 bytes)

SALE #1660 Large Left Hand Warren Blade  $3.00


1662.bmp (20694 bytes)

SALE #1662 Small Left Hand Warren Blade  $3.00


SALE #1652 Large Angle Warren Blade  $3.00


Grab, Box!    Aspen Wood Cut-Offs - Great for smaller woodspirits, keychains, etc.
<Examples only, not included.




 Box of Short Aspen Cut-Off's   $20.00 includes shipping      

Box of short cuts 5" length and less. 3/4"dia up to 1.5"dia.
Includes some short pieces.









Box of Long Aspen Cut-Off's   $20.00 includes shipping       Only 2 remaining

Box of long cuts approximate 10"-13" length. 5/8"dia up to 1"dia.
Includes some short pieces.




 #7605 DVD Carving the Male Torso    reg.$19.99  SALE $8.00 one remaining



#1131  DVD  New Lower Price $20.00  Old Retail $31.00  Fur, Feathers, and Fins

This set of 3 DVD's has in-depth instruction for beginning woodcarvers as well as detailed tips for more
advanced power woodcarvers who want to enhance their technique. Filmed at the Vermont studio of renowned
carver, Frank Russell, Fur, Feathers, & Fins shows the many steps involved in bringing simple blocks of tupelo
wood to life. 
In over 3 hours of video material, Frank walks you through the set up of his work space, the tools he uses, safety
concerns and lots more. He covers in great detail the carving of 3 different animal projects: A Cotton Tail Rabbit, Mallard Drake Duck,
and Small Mouth Bass.
  Frank's congenial manner and accomplished teaching style lend to the enjoyment of learning to carve.

The disc set includes a 25-minute bonus chapter called "Foredom Basics" with Mike Zagielski, Foredom's National Sales Manager.
Mike goes step by step over the basics of using Foredom flex shaft machines including proper set-up, operation and maintenance.
Fur, Feathers and Fins also comes with a carving pattern for the rabbit and a sandpaper template for a tapered split mandrel.


Disc1 (1 hr. 16 min.)  Carving Basics and Carving the Cotton Tail Rabbit: 

Disc 2  (1 hr. 2 min.) Texturing and Carving the Mallard Drake Duck:


Disc 3 (1 hr. 23 min.)  Carving the Small Mouth Bass:   

Bonus Chapter on Foredom Basics, Rabbit Pattern, Template for Sandpaper Mandrel Included!



Swedish Style Chip Carved Horse by Skylar Johnson (signed) SALE $10.00

4-1/4" tall x 1" wide. Basswood. Angular, modern design of traditional Swedish
style, carved and painted horses.







6 Pre-Cut Golf Balls   As Pictured    No Loose Cover  SALE  $8.00





#4407  Pre-Pack Basswood Carving Blocks $5.00 per pack

Pre-packaged blocks of Basswood. Each pack
contains approximately 1/2 board foot (72 cubic inches)
Random sizes.  2 packs shown for size comparison only.










HR2  HIRO Brand Japanese Carving CutOut Set  $9.95

Trout is 2"x6"x3/4"

Bird is 2"x4"x3/4"

Includes 2 bases & mounting stems





Cowboy Boot Cutout $2.00 ea      Only 2      Ruler Not Included











SALE  Dog Group #1   $9.00      Contains 3 Dog Blanks as Shown    Largest Dog Approximate size 3"x4"

Only 1 set remaining










SALE  Dog Group #2  $9.00      Contains 3 Dog Blanks as Shown    Largest Dog Approximate size 3"x4"

Only 1 set remaining











SALE  Basswood Slab with Bark  approx 11"x12"x 5/8" thick  $5.00

Only 1








SALE!   Super-incredible price for a ceramic stone!

#3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone SALE $10.00    6"x1.5"x3/8" Single Sided  Fine 1000 grit

Hard, flat, needs no oil or lubricant.  Fine grade, highly sought
after ceramic stone at an incredible price!





#1850   Arkansas Soft Stone  SALE $10.00    reg. $22.00

3/4"x2"x6"  Natural Arkansas Soft Stone in Wooden Case with Sharpening Instructions.





SALE  Swedish Dual Grit Lapstone  $24.00   reg $39.99

5 3/8" overall. 3 1/4" honing area. 30 and 60 micron (fine and coarse).
Exclusive curly-grained birch wood handle from Lapland. Brown leather
belt sheath. Honing area is coated with millions of highest quality diamonds.
Made in Sweden.





PocketStrop SALE $6.00

Folding pocket strop.  Leather on one side, carbide grit paper on the other.
6" overall folded length. Stopping surface approximately 4-1/2" x 7/8".



SALE   Polishing Compounds $1.00ea


SALE   #1404BL  Blue Polishing Compound  $1.00

High Luster



SALE   #1404BR  Brown Polishing Compound  $1.00

Tripoli Medium Cut



SALE   #1404BK  Black Polishing Compound  $1.00

Emery Fast Cut




SALE   #1404R  Red Polishing Compound  $1.00

High Luster



Comfortable Gildan UltraCotton 100% PreShrunk Cotton 

SALE  T-shirt with Image on Front of Shirt.
(Large Only)  $12.00      Ash Grey Color 

#14LF    T-Shirt Large Front Image SALE  $12.00




#LDMF  Woodburning Cord  Light Duty 22 gauge - Fits Nibsburner  SALE $10.00
Light Duty Male Female





Various Closeout Bits


PD2 SALE $2.00

Diamond Micro Cylinder - 3/32'' Shank

PD9 SALE $2.00

Diamond Cylinder - 3/32'' Shank

3/32" Shank - Fluted Steel Cutters  Your Choice SALE $5.99 Reg.$8.00

C201 1/4" Match Head  $5.00



S284 CrossCut Stump Cutter 3/32'' Shank SALE $6.00  reg. $11.95


White Aluminum Oxide Stones 3/32" Shank

1/2" head dia. x 1/16" head length, 3/32" shank. Max. speed 35,000 rpm. Made in USA.
#78 White Aluminum Oxide Stone 1/2" FlatHead    3/32" Shank  SALE $1.50



#5254 WeCheer Outer Flexible Shaft Sheath reg. $15.00  SALE $5.00 
Does not include inner core shaft.






#415  Dremel Abrasive Stone SALE $1.00

1"x.375"x.375"   Reshape your worn grinding stones.





1/4" Mandrel for Spiral Cones SALE $1.00




Climax Sanding Drum Sleeves  -  Replacement sleeves only

One-Piece Industry Standard Clamping Coupling with or without Keyway

#8048 9 Pack 1/2"x3"  SALE $4.00   3each  Fine, Medium, Coarse
#6048 9 Pack 1"x3"  SALE $4.00   3each  Fine, Medium, Coarse
#5048 9 Pack 1-1/2"x3"  SALE $4.00   3each  Fine, Medium, Coarse



#1315  24oz Urethane Mallet Hardwood Handle  SALE $12.00




14.jpg (26585 bytes)

#3897 Arbortech Mini Grinder Replacement Belt  reg. $19.00  SALE $15.00  Limited to quantity on hand




Various Sharpening Items ON SALE!

wpe6B.jpg (2310 bytes)


#7503 1 pound Zam  $9.95  SALE $7.00




#12242 Two Pack Powdered Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 1oz jars Save $2.00   SALE $8.00





Rat Tail File-easy smooth hard to reach areas, under the chin between legs and arms and more.

#9021 File Rat Tail 6" Closeout $9.00
#9022 File Rat Tail 8" Closeout $11.00


These half-round fine Italian-style rasp has a flat base with a curved top. Ideal for the fast reduction of large amounts of material.  Use what the Pros use to quickly rough shape their projects

#9025 Rasp Half Round 10" Closeout $12.00
#9026 Rasp Half Round 12" Closeout $16.00

#4014 Palm Gouge #8-5mm (1/4") Reg $10.95 Sale $5.00






SALE  7/8" Black Rubber Cane Tips  $1.00ea   Only 3 left





SALE Bear Bell with velcro strap and mesh pouch $5.00

Strap to your hiking stick to warn the bears!





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