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Carving Safety Products  -  Gloves, Safety Glasses, Aprons, Safety Tape, Thumb Guards, Hand Guards and Shock Pads.

Stainless Steel Carvers Glove provides the maximum protection with yarns containing three strands
of stainless steel. Reversible, can be worn on either hand. Sold as singles (Sizes)

#1571 EX Small (size 6) Stainless Steel Glove $24.00
#1572 Small (size 7) Stainless Steel Glove $24.00
#1573 Medium (size 8) Stainless Steel Glove $24.00
#1574 Large (size 9) Stainless Steel Glove $24.00
#1575 Ex Large (size 10) Stainless Steel Glove $24.00


kevlarglove.jpg (52263 bytes) Kevlar Armordillo Gloves - Our best selling glove is made with Kevlar strands interwoven in with the cotton fabric to make this glove 7 more times slash resistant than a regular cotton glove.  500 rubber gripper dots help keep a good grip on your project.  Fits either hand.  Washable. Gloves are sold individually, not in pairs.

#1781 Ex Small Glove $13.49 Sale $11.99    

  #1771 Small Glove $13.49 Sale $11.99

#1772  Medium Glove $13.49 Sale$11.99

#1773 Large Glove $13.49 Sale$11.99

#1782 Ex Large Glove $13.49 Sale $11.99   

New Split Leather Thumb & Finger Guards!

Split leather finger and thumb guards with
elastic back to hold tightly. All sold in singles.

Finger Guard

#6150 Small Finger Guard $2.50
#6151 Medium Finger Guard $2.50
#6152 Large Finger Guard $2.50

Thumb Guard

                                                                          #6153 Small Thumb Guard $2.50
                                                                          #6154 Medium Thumb Guard $2.50
                                                                          #6155 Large Thumb Guard $2.50

CatEyes Magnifying Safety Glasses  Toss your reading glasses aside and use safety
glasses when power carving and sharpening.  Ultra comfortable, shatterproof, wraparound lenses.
Quality construction.
  Only $7.99 per pair


#150  CatEyes 1.5 Magnification   $7.99
#151 CatEyes 2.0 Magnification  $7.99
#152 CatEyes 2.5 Magnification  $7.99
#153 CatEyes 3.0 Magnification  $7.99


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#1320 Denim Apron $36.00


A woodcarver's favorite. Comfortable, high quality denim, with large pouch to collect wood chips, held with velcro so you can empty out those shavings. Great gift!


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  #1777 Safety Tape  $4.49  Sale $3.95ea

#1777  Save More!  Get two rolls for only $6.00

This tape wraps around fingers and thumbs to give some added protection and also to prevent blisters.  Large 30 yard roll.  3/4"wide, green color.

thumbguard.jpg (48967 bytes) Thumb Guards - Comfortable and long lasting split leather wrap around design for full thumb coverage.  Protects pad and top of thumb.

Hand Guards - A protective guard for the entire palm.  Split leather palm can be worn under most carving gloves.  One size fits all. Choose left or right.

  #6008  Hand Guard Left  $16.95 

  #6009  Hand Guard Right  $16.95 

  #6007    Shock Pad   $13.95 

A reversible split leather pad designed to absorb shock to the palm when using the palm as a light mallet.   Reversible surface makes this pad suitable for either right or left hand.  One size fits all. 


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