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  NIBSBURNER Woodburning Systems Made in the USA

#1999  Nibsburner Gourd Woodburner $149.00

The "Gourd" unit delivers plenty of power at 58 watts. Rapid heat recovery, no fluctuation, and heat
continuity at the woodburning tip are all hallmarks of this tried and true woodburner.

Features are greater power with solid state circuitry, an easy to read heat selector, one piece on/off
switch and dial selector are the same, one continuous cord, handpiece, and spear tip arrangement
ensures no loss of heat giving the artist consistent, constant heat flow.










#3713  Nibsburner Fixed Cord, Handpiece, and Spear Tip $29.95

Fixed means you will get reliable, consistent heat without  any loose connection problems.

#3714  Nibsburner Fixed Cord, Handpiece, and Spoon Shader Tip $29.95

Fixed means you will get reliable, consistent heat without  any loose connection problems.

Nibsburner Handpieces for the original Nibsburner units with replaceable handpieces and tips.

#2007  Original Nibsburner Handpiece Woodburning Pen $20.00

See other Handpiece and Tip Options Below for your Nibsburner unit!

Click here to see Colwood products.

Click here to see Burnmaster products.

Handpiece Tubes for Nibsburner & Colwood Handpieceds $1.00  (does not fit Burnmaster Handpieces)



Nibsburner Cords & Accessories Supplies are Limited!

#STDMF $20.00
Standard Replacement Cord for
Nibsburner     Male to Female   16 gauge
#HDMF  $21.00
Heavy Duty Replacement Cord for Nibsburner   14 gauge
Heavy Duty Male to Female


Nibsburner Tips $10.00 each.  Limited Availability  See other options above.

Nibsburner interchangeable tips are no longer manufactured.  See our limited remaining supply of Nibsburner brand tips below. An option for you is to buy a Colwood handpiece (this will hook up to your Nibsburner cord) and use Colwood's wide variety of tips. Click here to see Colwood pens and tips.

#2A Large round tips generally heat more evenly over the entire edge. They are less likely to leave a deeper burn where you first touch the wood. Great for burning in concave areas like under the chin of the bird.
#4  Writing tip.  Tight round curve is great for writing, stippling, outlining, heavy lines, lettering, and more
#2040F    Nibsburner Wire Only 12"   $10.00  Make your own tips!


#8698  Wire Bending Jig $12.95  Handy for molding and shaping wire and metal.




#3613  Thermal Finger Guards  $5.99     (3 pack colors vary.   Pen, tip,wood not included)
Buy 2 pkgs and Save!    2 packages of Thermal Finger Guards  $11.00  (6 guards total colors vary, Pen, tip,wood not included)

100% Silicone - Durable - Heat Resistant - Non Stick
One Size Fits All, unique shape fits any size finger.



NEW!  Woodburner Pen Heat Shields!  Super comfortable and they work!

Woodburner Pen Heat Shields - Insulate your fingers from woodburner pen heat. These high quality, thick leather shields are sized to
fit your Colwood or Nibsburner pens (should fit other similar pens as well).  Two Sizes - one will fit over the cork of the pen and the other 
one replaces the cork.
Sewn seam makes for a comfortable way to add more control to your pen also.  Colors vary.

#6430 Large Over-the-Cork Woodburning Pen Heat Shield $10.00   Pen not included.
#6431 Small Replace-the-Cork Woodburning Pen Heat Shield $10.00   Pen not included.

#3703 Foam Replacement Guard for Nibsburner or Colwood Handpieces $1.00

1-3/4" long  x 13/16" diameter




Blue.jpg (56746 bytes)New Item! CoolBlue slips over
your woodburning handpiece to create
a cool air space between your hand and
your woodburning pen. 

  #6579  3 pieces of CoolBlue only $1.00

#657910  12 pieces of CoolBlue only $3.50



Untitled-23.jpg (37841 bytes)

Very Popular! Keep your tips sharp and clean with this inexpensive strop

5022 Burning Tip Sharpener & Cleaner $7.95

Use with abrasive #1224 $5.00



 Out of Stock   #2002 Nibsburner Blue Ribbon Woodburner $175.00  

Our best selling Nibsburner! All the power you need for most burning projects. This burner features a powerful 115 watt woodburner with two ports controlled by a single heat selector. Comes complete and ready to wood burn with two fixed cords,  fixed handpieces (pens) fixed tips #4 (writing/heavy lines) & #KN1(knife). 

Whether you're detailing a duck decoy or fabulous gourds, this woodburning system delivers. Excellent heat recovery with no fluctuation make this woodburning tool a must for all types of woodcraft.

FEATURES: * Greater Power With Solid State Circuitry *115 Watts Of Power * Easy To Read Front Panel * ON/OFF Switch With Power Indicator Light *


- 1 Blue Ribbon Woodburner Unit

- 2 Vented Woodburning Handpieces, one with attached cord and fixed knife tip and one with a writing tip.
Fixed means you will get reliable, consistent heat without any loose connection problems.


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