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NEW!   #9074 Quick & Cute Carving Projects $15.99
NEW !   #3495 The Art of Spoon Carving  $24.95
NEW!  #8978 Hand Carving your own Walking Stick $14.99
NEW!!!  #3482  Carving Marine Mammals with Power $16.99 
#2388 Woodburning Realistic People $15.99

  #8304 Chip Carving Essentials $17.95

#3863 Learn to Draw Dragons $14.99

#3862 Learn to Draw Celtic Designs $14.99

NEW!  #8671  20 Minute Whittling Projects $12.99

Learn the fast and simple way to whittle in this fun introduction to woodcarving. Discover how to whittle in less time while you have more fun! Author Tom Hindes demonstrates his easy-to-learn, quick-cut method for whittling expressive little figures from wood in just 20 minutes or less. With his friendly instructions and step-by-step photos, you'll learn to carve an endless array of charming wizards, gnomes, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, leprechauns, and more. These super-short projects are perfect for learning basic caricature carving skills.

#8589 Carving Flat-Plane Style Caricatures $14.99

This is a revised and updated version of Art & Technique of Scandinavian Style Woodcarving. This new edition includes four new patterns; expanded carving and painting instructions; and two new step by step projects.

#4304 SouthWest Indian Designs Coloring Book  $3.99



#4750 Doodling Borders for Woodburning Gourds - Lake $12.99

#8435 Carving & Painting Christmas Ornaments Padden $16.99

#6323  Carving in the Round Thomas $24.95

This inspirational and informative guide is designed to take readers on a journey to develop their understanding of form, design, artistic creativity, and technical knowledge in woodcarving. Seven innovative projects, which gradually increase in difficulty, introduce and build on key techniques for beginners to learn, practice, and adopt. The freeform projects include a wave, fossil, cat, female torso, swan, emperor penguin, and humpback whale.

#7957 135 Gunstock Carving Patterns $16.99

New!     #7760 Chip Carving Workshop Irish $16.99

New! #3605  Carving the Screech Owl - Moore  $19.99

#7872  Carving the Native American Burke $19.99         



#7360  Relief Carving Workshop Irish $19.99



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