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New Items

NEW!!!  Sand-It Cushioned Sanding Drums

Nothing compares to these soft, cushioned sanding tools.
Out performs air-inflated sanding drums at 1/3 the cost.
Made in the USA

#9895  Sand-It 7/8" x 2"  1/8" Shank  3pack  $26.95
#9890  Sand-It 1-5/8" x 3-1/4"  1/4" Shank  3pack  $26.95




New! Woodburning Pen Heat Shields! Insulate your fingers from woodburner pen heat.
These high quality, thick leather shields are sized to fit your Colwood or Nibsburner pens (should fit other similar pens as well). 
Two Sizes - one will fit over the cork of the pen and the other
 one replaces the cork.


Stick 'N Burn Transfer Sheets


#7194 Leather 12 Pocket Small or Large Handle Tool Roll $29.00
Durable Leather with riveted and stitched pockets will comfortably hold
your palm or mallet handled tools.  Open size is 12" x 20-1/2".



New!  Woodcarvers T-Shirt

Available in Ash Gray only.

Comfortable Gildan UltraCotton 100% PreShrunk Cotton with the
Teasing Woodspirit on the back and Mountain Woodcarvers
logo on the front.  (M,L,XL Ash $17.00)   (XXL Ash $20.00 )  Ash Color Only.

#14M  Medium 2014 Carver's T-Shirt $17.00
 #14L  Large 2014 Carver's T-Shirt $17.00
 #14XL  ExtraLarge 2014 Carver's T-Shirt $17.00
 #14XXL  ExtraExtraLarge 2014 Carver's T-Shirt $21.00
                                                                            #14XXXL  3-X  2014 Carver's T-Shirt $23.00


2013 Woodcarvers T-Shirt


Comfortable Gildan UltraCotton 100% PreShrunk Cotton with the
Enthusiastic Woodcarver on the back and Mountain Woodcarvers
logo on the front.  $16.00 White (M,L,XL)     (XXL White $20.00 )


#13M Medium 2013 Carver's T-Shirt $16.00  
#13L Large 2013 Carver's T-Shirt $16.00  
                                                                            #13XL  ExtraLarge 2013 Carver's T-Shirt $16.00 
                                                                            #13XXL  ExtraExtraLarge 2013 Carver's T-Shirt $20.00 


Magic Sculpt

#6999 Magic Sculpt Epoxy $9.95

Magic Sculpt is a two-part epoxy putty specifically designed to meet the needs
of modelers, crafters, and sculptors alike.  One of the only epoxies that will smooth
out with water.  Its grain structure is finer than any other product available and will
not shrink or crack even when formed in large structures.  It can be shaped by hand
or with modeling tools, sanded, carved, and painted.  Cures at room temperature. 
2oz. Package.


New!   #3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00    6"x1.5"x3/8" Single Sided  Fine 1000 grit

Hard, flat, needs no oil or lubricant.  Fine grade, highly sought
after ceramic stone at an incredible price!

#3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00

Many more new stones just added!



New!  Mesh Screen Sandpaper
This mesh sandpaper has great cutting abilities
and does not clog up due to the porous screen.
Soft to use by hand due to a felt backing that also
breathes.  4.5"x 24" Aluminum Oxide

#1957 Mesh Sandpaper 400grit $4.95
#1958 Mesh Sandpaper 240grit $4.95
#1959 Mesh Sandpaper 120grit $4.95
SAVE #1956 3 Rolls of Mesh Sandpaper 1ea - 120, 240, 400  $12.00


New! Leather Finger and Thumb Guards
Split leather finger and thumb guards with
elastic back to hold tightly. All sold in singles.


#6150 Small Finger Guard $2.50
#6151 Medium Finger Guard $2.50
#6152 Large Finger Guard $2.50


                                                                          #6153 Small Thumb Guard $2.50
                                                                          #6154 Medium Thumb Guard $2.50
                                                                          #6155 Large Thumb Guard $2.50


NEW!!! #3751 Whittling Pencils $12.95  SALE $9.99



NEW!!! #3752  Fat Red Basswood Pen $.85 each
NEW!!! #375210-Ten Fat Red Basswood Pencils $7.50


#4861 Nugget Wheel $29.95

2" CARBIDE NUGGETtm WHEEL These wheels remove wood faster,
leave the surface smoother, and resist clogging better. They feature
super-tough nuggets of wear and impact resistant Tungsten Carbide,
permanently brazed to the steel rim. These "nuggets" of coarse carbide
grit are more durable than the pointed carbide used on others. Unlike
other wheels, the open grain air-cooled design virtually eliminates clogging,
buildup or overheating. These wheels will fit ¼" capacity flex-shaft tools
and grinders. Wheel diameter 2" (50mm) x 3/8" (10mm), Hole size: 3/8"
(9.53mm), set includes one coarse grit wheel and mandrel with 1/4" shank. Maximum speed 10,000 RPM.


#3800 Micro Pro Champion Set $199.95


quality detail! Higher carving speeds give superior carving results, smoother
texturing, plus improved detailing, stoning & feathering. The new Micro-Pro
Champion features an 11% increase in torque (power). With higher torque &
 speed up to 46,000 rpm, the Micro-ProTM has the power, speed, superior
features & quality you want, priced far less than others! For better control, power
flows to the handpiece by a 6’ flexible cord. The dial varies speed from 0 to
46,000 rpm! Control box features: dial speed control knob, lighted power indicator,
on / off switch, overload protection, 6-burr storage holes, 110/220 Volt selector,
forward / reverse switch (directs chips away from you & reduces grain effects).
Handpiece features high torque, fan cooled micro motor, sealed NSK ball bearings,
solid grip turn-ring for hands-free bit changes (1/4 turn releases or locks bits & collets).
Handpiece specifications 46,000 rpm: L. 6”, diameter 5/8”-1”, weight 6.9 oz. Set
includes: handpiece, 3/32” & 1/8” quick change collets, variable speed power supply,
table top and box mounted handpiece holders, long-life motor brushes, spare fuse,
instructions & 1-year warranty. Note: burrs not included .



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