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New Woodcarvers Vises


#9880  Pro-Carver Vise  $234.95

PRO-CARVER POSITIONER (Wood Carvers Vise). Professional quality & features at an affordable price! Thanks to a breakthrough design, the Pro-carver rotates 360 degrees & tilts a full 180 degrees, putting the bottom of your carving in reach. Mount to any bench or work surface with bolts or use C-clamps for portability. Features: rugged construction, heavy duty components, 3/8" solid steel base & 3/4" *solid steel post. To attach project, simply attach wood screws to adapter. Includes one 3-hole adapter (3.5") plus 2-hole mini adapter (1.5"x 2.75"). Max. carving wt. 100 lbs.; size 6"x9"; weight - 8 lbs. *Attention Wood Turners: Pro-Carver solid steel post has standard 3/4-16UNF male thread & accepts matching lathe accessories (do not use its faceplates on lathe).





#8880 Portable Work Positioner Vise $79.00

PORTABLE WORK POSITIONER. Finally, a simple, rugged portable work positioner that won’t break your budget! Take it anywhere, it self-clamps onto almost any table or bench (up to 4” thick) for maximum portability. To use, just drive wood screw through the pre-drilled 4” face plate into wood. Rotates and tilts 360 degrees. Mounting plate and locking handle may be reversed for right or left hand use as shown.



NEW!!!  Sand-It Cushioned Sanding Drums

Nothing compares to these soft, cushioned sanding tools.
Out performs air-inflated sanding drums at 1/3 the cost.
Made in the USA

#9895  Sand-It 7/8" x 2"  1/8" Shank  3pack  $26.95
#9890  Sand-It 1-5/8" x 3-1/4"  1/4" Shank  3pack  $26.95




#4101 Rust Eraser $6.00
#4101-2     2 Rust Erasers   only $10.00


5/8"x1"x3-1/4" Solid grit block, grit throughout.  Remove dirt, rust, grime, easily from your tools.
Can be cut to fit inside gouges and v-tools.

#3268  Westcott Metric/Inch 12 "  Ruler  $3.50      Handy Flexible Plastic Ruler for converting metric sizes to inches.

NEW!!  3 Piece Stylus Set - Great for burnishing and special painting techniques.
Smooth round balls on both ends of each stylus glide easily over surfaces.





  #8049    3 Piece Stylus Set  $6.00


NEW !!  #3323  Dental Style Pick Set $4.50

Great for smoothing or burnishing fibers in hard to reach areas.






New!  Mesh Screen Sandpaper
This mesh sandpaper has great cutting abilities
and does not clog up due to the porous screen.
Soft to use by hand due to a felt backing that also
breathes.  4.5"x 24" Aluminum Oxide

#1957 Mesh Sandpaper 400grit $4.95
#1958 Mesh Sandpaper 240grit $4.95
#1959 Mesh Sandpaper 120grit $4.95
#1956  Mesh Sandpaper Set of 3  One each of the above 120,240,400 $12.00


Just Added #1955 Mesh Sandpaper 80 grit $5.50

AccuscribePro Great features make this one cool tool.  Articulating pencil head,
precision pencil sharpener, removable compass point, storage clip for compass,
non-rocking bottom, collapses to compact size, scribes just about anything. 
You'll love this tool!

#154 AccuscribePro  $18.00

#3557 Swivel Vise with Clamping Base $24.95

This truly versatile Adjustable Clamping Vise mounts to any bench top up to 2" thick and features 360° rotation and up to 45° swivel action in any position as well as a 0 to 90° position. Dense rubber jaw pads and bench pad offer maximum protection. Vise capacity is 2" and jaws measure 3-1/8" wide. An interchangeable pipe vise attachment is also included and holds pipe from 1-3/8" to 1-5/8" diameter.
  • Mounts to any bench top up to 2" thick
  • Vise rotates 360ˇ
  • 0 to 45ˇ swivel action in any position
  • 0 to 90ˇ swivel position
  • Dense rubber jaw pads and bench pad
  • Vise capacity is 2"
  • Jaws measure 3-1/8" wide
  • Includes an interchangeable pipe vise attachment for holding pipe from 1-3/8" to 1-5/8" diameter

#1202 Schneckenbohrer (Gimlets) Set $15.95

Pounce Wheels   OUT of STOCK

Untitled-50.jpg (15236 bytes)Mark and trace patterns easily.  Transfer directly through your patterns right on the wood.  
The fine teeth will ever so slightly mark the wood exactly.  Great for stitch patterns on boot
and shoe carvings.

  #1205  1/4" 21 Tooth Pounce Wheel  $8.50



Untitled-49.jpg (14150 bytes)

  #1206  7/16" 15 Tooth Pounce Wheel  $8.50



 #12052 Set/2 Pounce Wheels  $15.00 SAVE!!!

Gold Sandpaper This highly sought after Swiss type
sandpaper will make your job much easier.  No other
sandpaper on the market can match this gold sandpaper
for sanding the most severe contours.  You can use it by
hand, load it into sanding mandrels and much more. 
Cloth backed sandpaper made in Germany.

#1917  $3.95  400 Grit 3" x 36"
#1918   $3.95  220 Grit  3" x 36"
#1919   $3.95  120 Grit   3" x 36"
Save! Set of 3 Rolls  $10.00  1 roll ea of 120, 220 & 400 grit (3"x36")

Detail Sanders were developed for those hard to
reach sanding jobs. These sanding sticks give you two
different working surfaces and the ability to use the entire
sanding belt.

Sanding Sticks

#2243 80 Grit Grey Detail Sander $3.00
#2247 120 Grit Red Detail Sander $3.00
#2245 180 Grit Orange Detail Sander $3.00
#2248 240 Grit Blue Detail Sander $3.00
#2249 320 Grit Green Detail Sander $3.00
#2255 400 Grit Green Yellow Sander $3.00


Bundle and Save!

#2271  Buy the Set of 6 Detail Sanders above for only $16.00
#2270  Buy the Set of 6 Detail Sanders and an extra band of each grit above for only $20.00


Replacement Bands for the Sanding Sticks

#2261  4 - 80 Grit Replacement Bands  $4.00
#2256 4 - 120 Grit Replacement Bands  $4.00
#2262  4 - 180 Grit Replacement Bands  $4.00
#2257 4 - 240 Grit Replacement Bands $4.00
  #2258 4 - 320 Grit Replacement Bands  $4.00
                                 #2263 4 - 400 Grit Replacement Bands  $4.00


Sets of Replacement Bands

#2260  3 Replacement Grit Bands - 1 ea 120, 240, 320  $4.00
#2269  6 Replacement Grit Bands - 1 ea 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, & 400   $6.00


Rasps & Files

#8111  Diamond Riffler Files (Fine 220Grit)  $24.95
#8112  Diamond Riffler Files (Coarse 60Grit)  $27.95

DIAMOND RIFFLER FILES Master carvers know the secret to shaping & finishing hard to
reach areas is specially shaped files known as rifflers. Diamond grit rifflers are a major
improvement on this indispensable tool. Ordinary riffler file teeth cut only when pushed
one way. These extraordinary diamond rifflers cut in any direction & unlike ordinary steel
rifflers will practically never get dull or clog. Tough enough to cut steel, they feature
permanently bonded diamond grit, the hardest substance on earth. Sets include the most
useful shapes for carving & storage case. Length: 5.5", Shank: 3mm. Imported




NEW! #9395  Diamond Flat Files Set of 12  $22.00

12   7" Long files. 4 sizes of 3 different grits #140, #200, and #400.
Soft plastic wrapped handle provides great grip.










No Longer Available  #1489 Mini Riffler Rasp Set  $22.00  This set of hard-to-find rasp shapes are approximately
6" long, double ended, double cut, medium cut, commercial quality.  Great for fine detail.



#2862 - Riffler Rasp 8 piece Set Medium  $13.95
These double-ended 8-piece medium cut teeth sets have
curved tips in a variety of shapes and profiles.



NEW! #3100 Riffler Rasp Set $10.00

1/8" x 5-1/2" Riffler Rasps in a variety of flat, round, and triangular shapes.
Delicate curves toward the point make for precision work.







NEW! #3105 Riffler File Set $10.00

5 Piece Large Riffler File Set. Use these 5MM-by-180MM rifflers on wood, metal, or plastic for a smooth, clean finish after a rasp or power burr. Made of drop forged fine alloy steel with double ended filing surfaces.







#3119 5 PC Diamond Set $15.95

Great for smoothing and sanding wood and other materials.
Shapes included flat, half round, triangular, square and round.
Overall length 7", widths vary from 3/16" to 3/8".



#3186    5 Lense Lighting  Magnifying Glasses  $19.99

Comfortable, adjustable 2 LED light, 5 lense magnifying glasses, with cleaning cloth. 
Lenses are:  1.0x,1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x,3.5x and are focal length adustable on the
glasses frame. 



#3185  Binocular Magnifier Headset $29.95

2.25x lens installed.  Also includes a 1.75x and a 2.75x lens.

Adjustable head band with flip down lens assembly.





Clip&Flip Magnifiers A convenient way to achieve hands
free magnification, simply clip to existing glasses.
  Flips up
and down for instant use.  Tough acrylic lenses.
1.5 Magnification Protective Pouch Included

#6683 1.5X Clip&Flip Magnifiers $10.00


Paint Stick

As seen in Carving Compact Caricatures. A great way to keep your
fingers out of the paint.

#1005 Paint Stick $3.00

Ornament Eye Screws  The very hard to find
tiny eyes screws. One of the most useful items
for your crafts and carvings. Use for ornaments
and much more.  8mm=5/16"   10mm=3/8"+  4mm=3/16"-

#2371  ( 10mm long x 4mm diameter eye )   Silver Colored  Eye Screws  100 count $10.00
#2372  ( 8mm long x 4mm diameter eye )   Silver Colored  Eye Screws  100 count  $10.00




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