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Woodcarving Kits - Kits are a great way to simplify your purchase.  We have assembled
some of the most popular books and accessories in money saving kits.  We also have tools
below available for purchase for those kits that don't already include carving knives and gouges.

Need more Basswood?

Don't forget safety gloves!   We always recommend carvers use a slash resistant woodcarving glove!

Woodcarving can be a dangerous activity.  Please use proper safety precautions and
proper safety equipment when woodcarving.  Please know and understand your own
personal limitations in regards to woodcarving and of the usage of woodcarving tools
and supplies. Children should only carve under direct, responsible, adult supervision.



#4800  Flexcut/Woodspirit Kit  $59.99

Get the gouges and v-tools used in the popular book
"How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick".  The tools
are Flexcut's interchangeable tools and include:
1   Handpiece
1   1/8" Deep Gouge
1    1/4" Deep Gouge
1    1/8" V-tool
1    1/4" V-tool
1    Tool Roll
1    Book - How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick


#CCKIT Compact Caricature Kit       Kit Price $35.00     ($37.95 if purchased separately)

It's back, our most popular kit! This kit includes a copy of the popular
Carving Compact Caricatures, two basswood eggs and the Accuscribe
Pro measuring device.  (Carving tools not included. Set recommended.)  




#CHIP Chip Carving Kit  $40.00  Reg. Price $44.95

Learn to chip carve with this great kit!  Includes the instructional book
Chip Carving
, 3 -  1/4"x4"x4" pieces of basswood, and a Flexcut
KN15 pre-sharpened chip carving knife.

#CHIP Chip Carving Kit  $40.00       ($43.95 if purchased separately)

#BCKIT  Beginners Kit  $32.00

#BCKIT Beginner's Kit  Includes a copy of First Projects for Woodcarvers,
basswood cutout dog project found in this book, a leather thumb
guard and a sharp Mountain Woodcarvers Carving Knife.
 ($36.00 if purchased separately)




FREE SHIPPING on this Kit!!

#995 Whittle Fun Kit  $100.00  Free Shipping on this Kit!

  Choose Glove Size

Kit includes:
       The popular book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick
The Big Book of Whittle Fun     
       A 1-1/2" Sharp  Carving Knife and sheath
Hand carving 6 piece set                              
       3 pieces of Colorado Aspen

       Strop & Abrasive
       Kevlar Safety Glove (Don't forget to choose your size above)   
        ($121.00 if purchased separately)

 wpe41.jpg (1602 bytes)

FREE SHIPPING on this Kit!!

All the essential tools to get started woodcarving!

   #996  Carver's Combo Kit  $100.00  Free Shipping on this Kit!  Choose glove size below. 

       ($116.00 if purchased separately)

Great gift for someone starting woodcarving.  This kit has
all you need to learn how to carve a woodspirit in an aspen stick. 

Kit includes:
       The popular book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick
A 1-1/2" Sharp  Carving Knife and sheath
Hand carving 6 piece set                              
                                                                     3 pieces of Colorado Aspen
                                                                     Flexcut Strop w/abrasive
                                                                     Kevlar Safety Glove (Don't forget to choose your size above)   

FREE SHIPPING on this Kit!!

Ultimate Carver's Kit, too!      Includes 2 Books!  

All the essential tools to get started woodcarving! below.

#999 Ultimate Carver's Kit, too! $100.00  Free Shipping on this Kit! 

Choose glove size       ($125.50 if purchased separately)       

Includes the popular book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick,
the popular book Whittling, a #1425 Murphy carving knife and #9617 sheath,
 #1239 strop, #1224 jar of abrasive, a leather thumbguard, a Kevlar safety
glove, #3117 Ramelson 6 pc hand carving set, and 3 pcs of Colorado Aspen.

#LGK  Little Guys Kit  $25.00  reg. $29.75

Learn to carve these little guys (& gals) with instruction from Keith Randich's book.
We'll throw in a sharp Mountain Woodcarvers Knife #1425, 2pcs of 1.5x1.5x6,
and 2 pcs of 1x1x6 basswood and you'll be ready to get carvin'.




 #OTWK Old Time Whittling Kit $25.00    reg. $29.75

Learn to carve the tried and true classics of woodcarving with instruction from
Keith Randich's book.  We'll throw in a sharp Mountain Woodcarvers Knife
#1425, 2pcs of 1.5x1.5x6, and 2 pcs of 1x1x6 basswood and you'll be ready to
get carvin'.



RELIEF Kit with Flexcut SK106 $65.00

Learn to relief carve with this great book packed
with relief carving projects and patterns.  Also
is Flexcut's 5 piece interchangeable
tool kit that also includes a tool roll and small
preprinted relief carving project on basswood.

  #RELIEF Kit with Flexcut SK106 $65.00     reg. $73.50

ws book1.jpg (37237 bytes)


#WSKIT Woodspirit Carving Kit $29.00 Includes a copy of How to Carve
Woodspirits in a Hiking Stick
by Skylar Johnson. A resin study cast of the
original woodcarving from the book and three pieces of Colorado Aspen,
so you can start carving right away.  Carving tools not included. Reg. $31.00 
(Carving tools not included. Set recommended.)

WSKIT Woodspirit Carving Kit $29.00

Accessory Kits - Great kits to help expand your woodcarving!

Chip Carvers Accessory Kit - Includes some necessary items for the chip carver. 1 T-Square,
1 Ceramic Sharpening Stone, and 3 pieces of 1/4"x4"x12" Basswood Practice Boards.

Chip Carvers Accessory Kit $22.00     $25.00 if purchased separately.



Woodburner's Accessory Kit - Great items to add to your woodburning tool set!

1- Burning Tip Strop, 1 Polishing Abrasive, 1 Over-the-Cork & 1 Replace-the-Cork Heat Shield
for Colwood & Nibsburner Pens, 1 Tip Cleaning Power Bit, and 1 set/3 Cool Blue.

Woodburner's Accessory Kit $30.00    $37.95 if purchased separately.



Sharpening Accessory Kit - Sharp tools are essential to good woodcarving.

Kit includes 1 - Sharpening Instruction Book, 1 Ceramic Stone, 1 Leather Strop,
1 Jar Powdered Abrasive, 1 Ceramic Rod, 1 Stick Rouge.

Sharpening Accessory Kit  $30.00      $36.50 if purchased separately.


Power Bit Accessory Pack Kit - Great little add-on set for the power carver. 
Contains as shown: Mini Bit Holder, 20 pc Diamond bit set (1/8" shank), 4 size Pin Vise,
2- 3/4" buffing wheels, 2-1" buffing wheels (buffing wheels have 3/32" shanks),
1/4" drum sander with replacement bands (1/8" shank). 

Power Bit Kit  $36.00     SAVE $5.00  $41.00 if purchased separately.


Safety Kit - A few essentials to make your carving safer.
Includes  1 Kevlar safety glove, 1 roll carver's tape (colors vary) , and 1 pair thumb guards.

Safety Kit  $16.00     $19.00 if purchased separately.

Choose Glove/Thumbguard Size


Carvers Grab Bag Accessory Kit - Handy accessories include 1 Paint stick, 1 sanding stick (Colors may vary),
1 Leather Knife Sheath, 1 Pin vise, 1 pair thumb guards, 1 roll woodcarving tape.

Carvers Grab Bag Accessory Kit $22.00    $25.40 if purchased separately.

Choose ThumbGuard Size


Add a Safety Glove!

Add a Kevlar Armordillo Glove - Comfortable, slash resistant, kevlar fabric glove with grip enhancing rubber dots. Sold as singles.

Kevlar Gloves $11.99 each




Add a Stainless Steel Glove - Our most slash resistant glove. Sold as singles.

Stainless Steel Gloves $24.00 each




 TOOLS!   5pc tool set is recommended for all kits on this page unless otherwise noted.

   We recommend the 5pc Basic Set #3507 for small to medium sized projects
             with a little more detail  $55.00           ($60.00 if purchased separately)

 1 - Bench knife, 1  - 1/8" gouge, 1 - 1/4" gouge, 1 - 1/8" v tool, 1 - 1/4" v  tool, all sharp and ready to carve.


#7181 Canvas Palm Tool Roll $13.50  (tools shown not included)



         More hand tool sets are available here!


                   More knives available here!

Instructor's Kit  ONLY $150.00 a $176 dollar value!  Call to order this set 1-800-292-6788

Instructor's Six Pack!
includes the following:

6  PreSharpened Mountain Woodcarvers Knives
6 Kevlar Carving Gloves
2 Rolls of Woodcarver's Tape

Call in your order to request
glove sizes. You can mix and
match between XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Call to order this set

We will add catalogs and
reference sheets for your



#SK110 Flexcut Beginner Craft Carver Set $39.00  NEW!!!!    reg. $40.50

This Beginner Craft Carver Set includes everything you’ll need to get started in
the rewarding world of woodcarving. Includes: Interchangeable Palm Handle,
3 Carving Blades, Bass Wood Boot Blank, 16-page Manual & Project Guide
and Instructional DVD. Profiles: SK307, SK407, SK408.


#KN100 Flexcut 4 Pc Knife Set $88.00

Flexcut Knife Set with tool roll.  Includes a carving knife, a detail knife,
a pelican knife, and a mini pelican knife.



Whittler's Kit - Get started carving with this great little kit, which includes the book The Little Book of Whittling,
a #1425 whittling knife, and a leather thumbguard, all for just $27.00Sold separately these items would retail for $31

WKIT  Whittler's Kit  $27.00   

    thumbguard.jpg (48967 bytes)


wpe5C.jpg (2870 bytes) SKIT Sharpening Kit $18.00   Get started with the basics of Sharpening with this Kit!*
Includes the book How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools a
tool box strop and powdered abrasive.
Reg $21.00

#SKIT Sharpening Kit $18.00

  *More items may be needed to get your tools sharp depending on what shape they're in.
                                More sharpening supplies available here!


#KB3N Warren Basic Knife Kit - Plastic handle with brass quick tighten jaw that will accept
all the Warren blades, includes 6 small blades. 

KB3N $22.00




Warren Travel Kit   Kit includes a rugged hinged vinyl covered steel box, with
flocked plastic inserts and magnetic blade holder for quick tool changes.  Walnut
handle with brass quick tightener that will accept all the Warren tools.  One large
carver blade,  6 assorted detail blades, one v-tool and one long bent gouge. Great
for travel, compact size 6"x4"x1.5"  Made in USA  Save $6.50 compared to purchasing items separately.

#1636 Warren Travel Kit   $50.00


What a great idea!
This stamp kit takes the frustration out of having to draw
your own designs on your project.  Easily stamp your design
and begin carving.  Designs include rosettes, border designs,
and free-form designs.  Also include a step-by-step instruction
book.     Chip carving knife and wood not included. See here.

#4037 Stamp N Chip Kit $39.00

Incredible Savings! 
#EKIT Bird and Small Mammal       
One Pair Each of 6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm in Red, Yellow, Brown, and Dark Brown
Eye Kit (16 pair) $24.95 
Reg. Price $40.00    



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