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#9177 Head Proportion Made Simple - Revised Edition  $14.95
#7872  Carving the Native American Burke $19.99         

A reprint of John Burke's popular book!

#56522 Carving the Human Face Phares $24.95  2nd Edition
Expanded edition with many new illustrations!
ws cover 5.5x8 for web.tif (45446 bytes)#7162 How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick Johnson $9.95

Autographed Copy

1477.jpg (75450 bytes)#1477 Carving Caricature Busts LeClair   $14.95

3364.jpg (43498 bytes)#3364  Carving Faces-Step by Step   McCurdy    $14.95 


7846.jpg (52505 bytes)#7846  Carving Caricature Heads & Faces   LeClair    $12.95

1138.jpg (55658 bytes)#1138  How to Carve Faces in Driftwood   Enlow    $9.95

7153.jpg (43457 bytes)#7153  Carving the Native American Face   Kramer    $12.95

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