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   Books About Fish

NEW!!!  #3482  Carving Marine Mammals with Power $16.99 

Project - Manatee
Patterns - Sperm Whale, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Bowhead Whale, Pilot Whale, Beluga,
Narwhal, Killer Whale (Male & Female), Common Bottlenose Dolphin, Walrus (Male), Elephant Seal (Male),
Northern Stellers Male Sea Lion, Sea Otter with Juvenile, Polar Bear Sleeping with Cubs and Walking.

#5127 The Breakthrough Fish Carving Manual $34.95 NEW!!!
292 pages, over 1600 black & white photos and diagrams.

Three years in the making, this ambitious book by master wildlife artist Mark Frazier is destined to become the standard by which all future fish carving books will be judged. Packed with five times the information available from any other source, The Breakthrough Fish Carving Manual lives up to its name by offering the most complete information ever offered on this rapidly growing field. Mark goes through every step in the procedure, with hundreds of easy-to-understand photos and illustrations guiding you along. 292 pages, over 1600 black and white photos and diagrams.


#4468 Making Wooden Fishing Lures $19.95
#1131 DVD Fur Fins & Feathers-Power $20.00
1115.jpg (43763 bytes)#1115  Freshwater Fish Carving   Fliger   $35.00 

#6200 Carving Whales and Dolphins $12.95

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