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Chip Carving Knives

Sharp & Ready to Carve

#1677 Ozark County Carving Tools Chip Carving Knife $24.00


New  #5034  Walnut Regular Chip Carver Knife $22.00  Blade Length 7/8" 
Sharp & Ready to Carve



New  #5036 Walnut Small Chip Carver Knife $22.00  Blade Length 5/8" 
Sharp & Ready to Carve

 waynebarton.bmp (27702 bytes)Barton Premier Chip Knives - Wayne Barton is the leading authority on chip carving and we are pleased to offer his premier chip knives.  Beautiful yet functional design will maximize the cutting motion while giving the greatest comfort possible.  Both knives are 5.5" long with hardwood handles.  Comes with factory edge only.

  #4025  Barton Premier Chip Knife  $39.95

  #4026  Barton Premier Stab Knife  $39.95

Sharpen one or both Knives  $3.00 ea

Klotzli  SWISS CHIP CARVING KNIVES   They are back!
Made in a small Swiss city where the caring craftsmen of Klotzli have made quality knives since 1846. These classic knife styles were originally developed decades ago in Switzerland by the father of modern chip carving, Christian Rubi. Later these were used & featured by Wayne Barton in his book Chip Carving Techniques & Patterns. Still recognized world wide as the best, these knives are all you need to create any chip carving. The Chip knife is used for all cutting, the Stab knife is a non-cutting knife, it is pushed or "stabbed" into the wood, separating wood fibers to form or enhance a design created by the cutting knives.  Small chip knife is useful for smaller more delicate cuts. Best quality Swiss steel & cherry wood handles.. Length:5-3/8". Made in Switzerland.


#4032 Klotzli Stab Knife $29.95   New Lower Prices!
#4031 Klotzli Chip Knife $29.95   New Lower Prices!
#4040 Klotzli Small Chip Knife $39.95
Sharpen my chip knife $3.00

Untitled-11.jpg (21827 bytes)  New!  Made with the same edge holding steel that Flexcut tools are known for. The comfortable shaped handle allow for long carving periods without hand fatigue. Comes presharpened. Made in USA.

  Flexcut Chip Knife #KN15   $22.00

Untitled-12.jpg (21261 bytes) Same comfortable handle, new smaller blade for finer detail chip carving.
Made in USA. Presharpened.

  Flexcut KN20 Mini-Chip Knife $24.00

#KN115 Chip Carving Set $61.00






Untitled-15.jpg (26079 bytes)   

  #1619  German Chip Knife $19.00

Add sharpening $3.00

Untitled-18.jpg (27382 bytes)

  1618  German Small Chip Knife  $19.00

Add sharpening $3.00

Chip Carving Accessories
#3268  Metric/Inches Ruler $3.50  

Quickly convert inches to metric. Great for a chip carving design using millimeters.

#1154 Plastic T-Square 12"  $5.95

A must for chip carving.  Beveled blade, see thru-blue, inch and metric gradiations.

19.jpg (38436 bytes)Stamp-N-Chip Kit   What a great idea!
This stamp kit takes the frustration out of having to draw
your own designs on your project.  Easily stamp your design
and begin carving.  Designs include rosettes, border designs,
and free-form designs.  Also include a step-by-step instruction

SOLD OUT    #4037 Stamp-N-Chip Kit  $39.00

. 16.jpg (34951 bytes)BASSWOOD


#4036 Set of 3 different Preprinted Basswood Practice Boards
3pcs. 1/4"x4"x12" $12.50


             Plain Basswood below. Great for practice, ornaments, and more!

  #4406 Plain Basswood Practice Board  One piece 1/4"x4"x12" $3.00

44066 Plain Basswood Practice Board  Set of 6 pcs 1/4"x4"x12"   $16.00
18.jpg (21312 bytes)

  #4038  Transfer Paper       (20 sheets) 9"x13" GRAY color  $15.00

Waxless, greaseless, smudge proof, erasable on sealed surfaces, won't bleed through paint. 
Remove with a soft eraser.


#4017  Transfer Paper   (4 sheets)  9"x13" GRAY color  $4.50
#4038W  Transfer Paper   (4 sheets)  9"x13" WHITE color  $4.50

You may also like this item to transfer your patterns instead of
using a pencil.  Also used for special painting techniques.

#8039  Double Ended Stylus  $2.50


#8049    3 Piece Stylus Set  $6.00

3 Piece Stylus Set - Great for burnishing and special painting techniques.
Smooth round balls on both ends of each stylus glide easily over surfaces.

New!   #3168  Double Sided Ceramic Stone $32.00

Measures 4" overall. One side is super fine ceramic stone (white) and the other is a 
dark gray ceramic made of synthetic sapphires. Stones do not need lubrication.  Brown leather pouch.

#1433  Medium Ceramic Stone $16.00  

Set your edge with this high quality stone.  Mini sized at 3"x1"x.25" 

  #3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00    6"x1.5"x3/8" Single Sided  Fine 1000 grit

Hard, flat, needs no oil or lubricant.  Fine grade, highly sought
after ceramic stone at an incredible price! Perfect for chip
carving knives.

#3167  Ceramic Sharpening Stone $12.00


Untitled-21.jpg (36026 bytes)

  #4027  Ceramic Sharpening Stone-Medium 1-3/4"x4-7/16" sheath included   $36.95

Untitled-20.jpg (42445 bytes)

  #4028  Ceramic Sharpening Stone-Ultra Fine 1-3/4"x4-7/16" sheath included  $36.95

Untitled-20.jpg (42445 bytes) Untitled-21.jpg (36026 bytes)Buy Both Ceramic Stone above (4027 & 4029) for Only $70.00


wpeD64.jpg (1373 bytes) Perfect for the new style of gouge chip carving

#5006 Small Carver's Mallet $15.00 Sale $12.00

Be sure to take a look at our selection of Chip Carving Books!

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