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Books About Caricature - Page 1

#8300 Caricature Carving with Gerald Ekern  $14.95

#2390 Caricature Soldiers $14.99
#9775 Concepts to Caricatures $24.99
#8589 Carving Flat-Plane Style Caricatures   Refsal   $14.99

This is a revised and updated version of Art & Technique of Scandinavian Style Woodcarving.
This new edition includes four new patterns; expanded carving and painting instructions; and two new
step by step projects.

#2251 Carving Faces Workbook -  Enlow $19.95 NEW!!!!

Follow along as Harold Enlow, one of America's foremost caricature carvers, teaches you
how to carve faces with life and expression. Enlow shares his woodcarving tips and techniques
that make his carvings stand-out in this information packed book.
Inside Carving Faces Workbook, woodcarvers will learn to carve the female face, a cowboy face,
a Native American face, and a Santa face, along with facial features like eyes, lips, nose, hair,
and ears.

#8084 Whittling the Country Bear - Shipley  $14.99
#1704 Carving Characters $6.95
#5182 Whittling Little Folk  Refsal   $16.95

#8152  Whittling the Old Sea Captain Shipley  $12.99  SALE $9.99

  #7749 Carving the Little Guys - Randich $9.99

 #6709   The Mad Art of Caricature - Richmond  $24.95
Harold Enlow Study Booklets - These 29 page booklets are very popular, full of tips for your favorite carving subjects.

29 page 5"x7" color.

  #7490 Carving Fantasy Characters/ Rhadigan $16.99 Sale $12.99




 #6097 Carving Fantasy Creatures/ Rhadigan $12.99 Sale $9.99




#2495 Creating Caricature Heads in Paper and Wood by Marv Kaisersatt    $25.95  
#8731 Caricatures in Motion by the CCA $19.99  New!!
#4741 Caricature Carving  by Woodcarving Illustrated  $19.95
#4067 The Little Book of Carving Golf Balls $9.95
   #1480 Carving Golf Ball Spirits  Wolfe  $14.99   


#1477 Carving Caricature Bust $14.95
  #3322  Carving Bottlestoppers Wolfe $14.99
cover copy3forweb.jpg (10517 bytes)#7161 Carving Compact Caricatures Johnson $12.95

Autographed Copy

#2210 Carving Western Figures Enlow   $8.50   Back In Print!


#1022 How to Carve Hobos  Enlow  $8.50
#8398 Whittling Country Folk-$14.99  Revised Edition     Mike Shipley                    



#3021 DVD Figure Carving in the Scandinavian Style-Refsal $24.95

#1019 Carving Figure Caricatures in the Ozark Style   Enlow    $7.95

1151.jpg (11412 bytes)#1151 What Not Another Carving Book Kotz $5.95

7846.jpg (52505 bytes)#7846 Carving Caricature Heads & Faces   LeClair    $12.99

1191.jpg (14244 bytes)#1191 Carving Boots & Shoes Green $12.95


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